WWE Bounces Back With Cena Nexus Angle: Ratings of 3.3

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIOctober 5, 2010

After two successive weeks of posting poor ratings, the WWE, off the back of the Hell in a Cell PPV, has recovered to post a 3.3. Although ratings do not necessarily reflect an improvement in quality, it does halt the decline that had seen some pundits, including this one, predicting long term problems.

The Cena-Nexus angle is probably responsible for a marked interest in Raw and it will be interesting to see how that story develops. Whether Cena will turn heel or fight his way out of the Nexus will develop over the next weeks and months.

Judging by the sheer disappointment of the crowd at HIAC, I would say that any heel turn is off. Cena is simply too popular in the PG era. No-one gets close to what he does outside the ring, and his personality and character is one of the best inside.

Randy Orton is a fad, a poor version of Stone Cold. It won't last.

However wrestling has a habit of shocking even the most seasoned of viewers and the HIAC PPV did that for many. Where the company goes from here, as it moves into the Winter and then into the most important 3 months of the year will become clearer soon.

Undertaker/Bearer/Kane will be decided. Cena and Nexus. Triple H's return. GM Revealed. WCW themed HOF, Goldberg possible return? Stone Cold? Rock?......a lot of potential but it requires creative to be well .....creative.

One good rating does not mean a recovery, just as one bad rating does not represent a slump. But for the WWE to win back disillusioned fans, the next weeks and months are crucial. Roll on Bragging Rights and the surprises it may bring.