Top 25 Recap: Week 5

Andrew ReussContributor IOctober 4, 2010
(LaMichael James brought his name into the Heisman conversation this weekend)

After a big weekend of games let's take a look at the Top 25...

The top 3 shifted as Oregon leaped Boise State into the #3 spot after their win over Stanford. Bama and Ohio state stayed at the top with Bama pulling away after their win over Florida. TCU stays in the #5 spot and Boise State is now #4.

This week we also saw three top programs drop out of the polls. Texas lost to Oklahoma, Penn State lost to Iowa and USC lost to Washington. All three teams were dropped from the top 25. I would imagine this hasn't happened in a long time.

All of the top 10 teams are undefeated and the bottom half looks like this:

6.) Oklahoma, 7.) Nebraska, 8.) Auburn, 9.) Arizona, 10.) Utah

Alabama is clearly the best team in college football as they received all but 2 of the first place votes. Ohio State got one and the same guy who has voted for Boise
State all year, did again as the Broncos got 1 first place vote.

After Bama it is pretty wide open, a lot of teams look really good, and this is shaping up to be a great year.

Stanford forgot to cover and or show up for the second half vs Oregon and we went 3-2 with our bets this weekend. Still up so go buy yourself something nice, you earned it.

Paulie Grouper has promised some content this week, but don't expect anything because this is probably what he is doing...