Marshawn Lynch: Dissecting Trade and Why CJ Spiller's Cup Will Overflow

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 5, 2010

CJ Spiller scores against the Indianapolis Colts
CJ Spiller scores against the Indianapolis ColtsBrad White/Getty Images

Dazzling power rookie slasher CJ Spiller now has a chance to become one of the best backs in the NFL this season.  He has all ready shown his superb speed on the field and off it:

CJ II had one of the fastest NFL combine times, ever – second only to the Tennesee Titans Chris Johnson, (CJ I).  All CJ II needs is the pig skin with laces to be handed to him 20 times per game, and a chance to start at the running back position without looking over his shoulders.

The only pressure on his shoulder, now, is the pressure to live up to his highlight reel.

The Buffalo Bills first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, CJ II posted one of the greatest You Tube highlight videos that human eyes have ever seen.

And what I saw almost brought tears of tailback pride to my eyes.  CJ is a much better tailback talent than Mark Ingram – by far.

A former tailback myself at one of the most prestigious high schools in the world (Charles Sumner High – Saint Louis, Missouri – Google it), I have seen plenty of my classmates carry the ball on the collegiate level.

The first time I saw CJ II on the major college playing field, I immediately predicted NFL greatness because there is not much that the fierce on the field, gentleman off the field, flyer cannot do.

It is this writer’s view that there is not much that he won’t eventually accomplish on the NFL field – once Fred Jackson has moved on.  No disrespect to Fred, either, but Spiller is just better.

I drafted Spiller in my Fantasy Football draft for both my pay league Yahoo! and teams.  He has outperformed Chris Johnson, thus far, in the Fantasy Football format.

In the format, I have both CJs on my squad (Johnson and Spiller), plus Jahvid Best, Arian Foster and Michael Vick on the same team with the CJs.

In the Fantasy Football format, I have Spiller, Foster, LaDanian Tomlinson, Thomas Jones, Ryan Torain and Dexter McCluster.

Need I say that I have a talent for noticing running back talent? 

My question: why can’t Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey understand how good CJ is?

Yo Chan Gailey give CJ the damned ball – and an offensive line like Foster has.