Playmakers Make for Great Interviews: Interview with Michael Irvin

Brad WolffContributor IOctober 5, 2010

Irvin with Marc Buoniconti During Interview
Irvin with Marc Buoniconti During InterviewBryan Bedder/Getty Images

Michael Irvin is one of the greatest receivers in NFL history, earning him a bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007. If I was to ask Michael, "Are you the greatest receiver of all-time?" He would scream, "Of Course I am!" Irvin caught 750 passes in 12 seasons. Michael Irvin played in three Super Bowls, winning them all with the help of the other two of "The Triplets," Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. He danced his way to a late exit on Dancing with the Stars season nine and into the end zone for a touchdown 65 times. Michael and I conducted an interview, without technical difficulties including my battery dying on my recorder and my phone, from the Buoniconti Fund Gala last week. Here is our interview:

Brad Wolff: What was your most memorable game?

Michael Irvin: My most memorable game is probably Super Bowl XXVII (27). When I got in the league with the Dallas Cowboys, we were not that good and then we got Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman and we were still not that good. We lost a lot of games together. We looked at each other and made a few promises in those tough times. We came out of them and the culmination of it all was that first Super Bowl. So when we got back in the locker room to remember the tough times at that high moment made it a very special time.

BW: Who was the hardest and roughest cornerback for you?

MI: Well there were so many great ones. The game has really changed. When I played, one week against Deion Sanders, the next week against Darrell Green, the next week against Rod Woodson, the next week against Aeneas Williams, and then Ronnie Lott [three Hall of Famers and one future Hall of Famer]. Now they get Darrelle Revis and say he's shut down. I beat a million shut down corners every week [screaming]. I just want to make sure I get that on rec [record]. You know what I mean? All of them were great and I beat them all. 

[By now Michael had everybody standing around the red carpet listening to our interview cracking up]

BW: If you were currently playing, would you be able to put up 100 yards being guarded by a healthy Darrelle Revis? You took the question right out of my mouth.


Now here is a new feature on TKOSB called Interview Play-by-Play. Irvin told me to hold on to say hello to the man of the night, Marc Buoniconti, and congratulate him. In these next 30 seconds, my voice recorder dies. Later on the recorder showed full battery.


MI: I'd stomp on Darrelle Revis! I'd put up more than 100 yards! They got to get up close and watch me grab balls up top.

BW: Was it harder to make the Hall of Fame speech than it was to put up Hall of Fame numbers?

MI: I played football for quite a while. Sharing such intimate moments with people and being up on that stage is always difficult. You don't know how people will receive it. So I would definitely say that being transparent in front of millions is much more difficult than beating people up in front of millions.

BW: What is your advice for the 1-2 Cowboys?

MI:Not to lose anymore games (chuckles)


Maybe Darrelle will have a comment about this interview...


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