Is Tim Tebow Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen?

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IAugust 16, 2008

If there is one thing we do with all young talented quarterbacks, it's that we compare them. It doesn't matter if it is a No. 1 draft pick coming into the NFL or a blue chip freshman driving the campus crazy.

We compare them all to the past greats. With Tim Tebow, we struggle to find his comparison. We can compare his attributes: speed like Steve Young, accuracy like Lenny Dawson, love of the game like Brett Favre.

However, none of those names were ever the threat Tebow is now.

Even the best NFL quarterbacks have their shortcomings. Peyton Manning is the most accurate quarterback in the NFL, yet he cannot run downfield to get first downs.

Brett Favre is the master of improvisation and will throw his body into danger for the sake of completing a pass. Yet his decision making is often thrown to the side by his rocket arm.

Tim Tebow is the complete package. He has speed that will outrun defensive linemen. He has strength that can run over safeties. In 2006, he ran over one of the best football players in the NCAA, LaRon Landry.

He can throw the ball 50-60 yards downfield. He completes passes that most quarterbacks couldn't complete if given 100 attempts. Defenses gameplan for him, they know what is coming. They know what Tebow is capable of, yet they cannot stop him.

I am not deeming Tebow the best quarterback ever, not at all. Only the most talented. As I said before, we always compare the young talents to our greatest quarterbacks.

If I had to pick one man to be the comparison. I would have to go with Brett Favre. Based on all their attributes, I feel Favre is closest to the complete package that No. 15 is.

I write No. 15 because I am not naive enough to think that Tebow has earned the right to be mentioned in the same sentence as The Legend of Lambeau Field.