Kane Vs. Kane

Michael Null Contributor IAugust 16, 2008

    Bad Blood: In Your House on October 5th, 1997; Undertaker vs HBK, Hell in a Cell, the first ever seen in the WWE. During the battle, when it seemed Undertaker had the upper hand, enter Kane, who walks down to the ring, rips the cell door open, and bashes Undertaker, allowing HBK to win.

    Kane and 'Taker have feuded on and off ever since then, and as a team they were unstoppable. Kane was different though, he was a monster. A guy who was left for dead when his half brother burned their home down.

  Kane has left a path of destruction from one end of the WWE to the other. His  character was one to be feared. His music hit, and you knew something bad was about to happen.

  In 2002 after losing a match to HHH; Kane was ordered to remove his mask, a task that he did not want to complete. But his then partner RVD convinced him it was ok. Kane then lost his mind, attacking everything in sight including setting JR on fire.

  Since then, Kane's character has gone downhill. He has gone from a monster, to one of us. Was Kane losing his mask a good idea? I think every character should change and evolve, but was this a good change?

  With his recent story line, which had everyone thinking the mask was coming back, I ask again; would it have been a good idea? On the surface yes, we all loved the idea, but again I have to ask, why go backwards. Kane putting his mask on in my opinion would have had Kane unbelievable. We have already seen his face, we know he looks normal so, what factor would a mask play in his character?

    The way to fix Kane is to make him mean again. Make him the guy we all feared. The one who ripped a cell door off, and dominated Undertaker. Kane can be a force if he reverts back to Monster Kane.