David Mayer Said What? Seminoles, Hurricanes 2010!

Matthew HurleyContributor IOctober 5, 2010

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 11:  Quarterback Christian Ponder #7 of the Florida State Seminoles drops back to pass against the Oklahoma Sooners at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on September 11, 2010 in Norman, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“Not this year, Miami wins 38-17.”

Really bold prediction Dave! And here’s why.........

“My reasons are simple, and once again this may not make sense to some of you fans, but it starts with Jacory Harris.”

I agree it starts with Harris, I just don’t think this justifies your prediction.  Jacory Harris has started a new program this year “The Harris Sweepstakes”, and interceptions have been given away all year.  Harris is averaging 2 picks per game through.  This will not be his breakout game, not against the Seminoles, no way. 

“The reason I say this is because against the Oklahoma Sooners, quarterback Landry Jones threw for 380 yards and four touchdowns. Granted Harris is no Jones, but the Hurricanes have more speed and more depth at wide receiver then Jones has at Oklahoma.”

Whoa, unsupported argument.  OU has Ryan Broyles.  They also have DeMarco Murray who has come out of the backfield for 20 receptions this year. While teams spend their time chasing Murray and Broyles, Kenny Stills and Dejuan Miller can make it happen too.  Miller was clocked at 4.5 in the 40 and Kenny came in at 4.36.  Miami’s leading receiver Leonard Hankerson is at 4.5 and with only 2 other receivers with 10 receptions the Hurricanes don’t come close to OU’s receivers. Travis Benjamin is lightening with a 4.26 40 time, but he has only 11 receptions and 1 touchdown thus far. 

“Last year against the Seminoles, Harris threw for 386 yards and two touchdowns in only his third career start.”


Last year the Seminoles ranked outside of the top 100 in defense in the nation. This year the Noles are ranked 20th in the nation in defense and 30th  in offense compared to the Canes 67th ranked offense and 12th  ranked defense.  The Seminoles also have 25 sacks, not too shabby!

“Secondly, the Hurricanes are finally playing a home game.”

This is the biggest thing the Hurricanes have going for them.  It’s never easy playing the Canes at home.  The crowd will be a factor for the Seminoles and this alone could be enough to give the Canes the ‘W’.

“Playing the Seminoles is enough to get the Hurricanes motivated and ready to go, but playing their first game on their home turf since September 2nd will really get them going.”

So, are the Seminoles not going to be just as motivated?  No advantage for the Canes here. Both teams hate each other.  Regardless of who is ranked what and how good either team is this game is ALWAYS a battle.

“The front line has been able to put pressure on the quarterbacks all year long and it will continue against FSU's front five.”

Did you forget FSU has arguably the best O-Line in college football.  Good luck with the pressure, the Noles front five is the reason their running game is so good.  This is the one thing the Noles absolutely have going for them in this match-up.


“They have been terrific all year and although FSU is number one in the country in sacks, they will not penetrate a surprisingly good Hurricane line.”

No one has needed to penetrate the Hurricane line to pick off Harris this year.  He just throw’s the ball into coverage anyway.   I would bet he goes down a few times to the sack happy Noles.  You said it, #1 in the country in sacks, why should this game be different.


“The offensive line will open holes for the Hurricane running backs , which will benefit Harris in creating huge numbers”

You could easily replace Hurricane with Seminoles in this statement.  The Seminoles back field is quick and deep.


The Game will be tight, as always.  Home field advantage is key for Miami.  Another field goal game I believe.  Dustin Hopkins is a beast, he's good for it!!!!

Noles Win 30-27!