Do the Miami Heat Have What It Takes to Win a Championship?

Arman HaiderContributor IOctober 5, 2010

MIAMI - SEPTEMBER 27:  (L-R) LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat pose for photos during media day at the Bank United Center on September 27, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Miami Heats have been speculated to break Micheal's Bulls record of 72 wins in 1 season, and have been put on cruise control by many NBA Analysts to win the championship for the next 4-6 years.

Speculation can be made all day, numbers are always there no matter what, but the question is can the heats win a title?

To be honest, this question can't be answered until the season starts.

For one, speculations are being made when the team hasn't played a single game together.

For this article, lets forget the name game, and take a look at what championship teams are.

A Championship team consists of a Leader, Team Chemistry, Role Players, Defense, and Heart.

Let's see if the Heats have these in their repertoire.


Detroit had Billups, Spurs have Duncan, Boston has Garnett, Lakers have Kobe. A Leader is someone who mentally lead the team, who doesn't need the ball to make a difference on the court. Numbers aren't everything in the leadership department.

Miami Heats have 2 Superstars who are potential leaders, but are they capable of leading the squad mentally? Bosh is out of this category from start.

Despite LeBron's ability to score the ball and his defensive play, he isn't a vocal leader. LeBron is a talented player who plays his own game, but doesn't change the game around others.Yes he is an extremely talented passer and he will make you shine if you are a good cutter, but past that I don't think he has it in him to push his team.

Wade is more of a Leader candidate on this team. Wade has already won a ring under the wings of Payton, Jones, Walker and Shaq. That year he learned a lot about leadership from veterans that helped Miami win the championship. Wade has the ability to score the ball at will, and could play great defense.

He could also get the team fired up vocally. Does Wade have the leadership skills to fire up the entire Miami team?

Whether it's LeBron or Wade, I think Miami will have that mental leader after at least 1 loss in the playoffs.


( The Italics writing is my own answer to each of the questions I'm asking, and isn't a part of the article itself. If anyone disagrees with it then please do comment and state your own opinion. )


Team Chemistry


When you know everyone in your team's role, and what they do best, and where they do it best, that's team chemistry. I think this could be easily mistaken for play making. Miami has 2 great play makers, LeBron and Wade. Both of these guys can create shots for players by using themselves, and that is half way towards reaching good team chemistry. This team looks solid in this department, but one question comes to mind. Who will be taking the last shot of the game? Who will be the first scoring option for this team. If the player NOT given this role has a problem, then that could lead to some chemistry problems.

But then again Shaq and Kobe managed to make it work right?



This is a very new team, and no matter how much talent they hold it will be hard to have championship level team Chemistry, so I'm very doubtful.


Role Players


Every championship team needs Role players. You need that one guy that can stop everyone in the paint, that one guy you can count on for perimeter D, or that corner Jump shot, or just to come off the bench and score. Miami Heats have their superstars, Bosh their big man specialist, Chalmers and Eddy House their good 3point shooters, Mike Miller their 3point specialist, Veteran Center Ilgauskas. They even have a talented rookie Da'Sean Butler, unforunately he's injured.

Does that line Role Players speak enough to be at a Championship caliber?

The Heats have great role players, I think this is enough talent to be a championship level team, if not enough then LeBron and Wade makes up for the rest. Although they lack veterans, they have great Role Players.



Probably the most important quality of all. Lakers, Spurs, Detroit, Boston, all these teams ( If not now, when they won the championship ) were great defensive teams. They were the team that shut down your teams star, or had guys standing in all the right spots. Is Wade and Chalmers good enough to hold other NBA back courts? What about their front court of LeBron, Bosh, and Ilgauskas?  LeBron's chase down is very fancy and scares teams when they're on fast break, but is his on-ball defense good enough?

Would you say this team lacks defense, is average, or an above average defensive team?


This team has good defense from LeBron and Wade. The main problem is their front court. Bosh isn't a good defender, or atleast good enough to stop other talented big men in the league, and they don't have a legitimate Center. This team is a good defensive team but not a Championship level defensive team.



This one might throw people off a bit, so allow me to explain exactly what is heart.

Heart is the desire to win a championship. Many may confuse this for other emotions in the game such as "Killer Instinct" held by Kobe, or Paul Pierce.

Heart is when you want to win, when an entire team wants to win. Killer Instinct is when a single player believes that his team has heart, and takes a next step to leading them through crucial moments.

Does Miami have enough heart from their players to take them all the way to the championship? Yes.

They are a team built on players who loathe a championship, if they don't have heart then they're just another play off team.

The real question is does the team have someone with that killer instinct?

The team has heart for sure, but I think they would develop that killer instinct if they lose atleast once in the playoffs. LeBron has shown hints of killer instinct last year in the first round of the playoffs, but couldn't carry it throughout the entire playoffs. I think Wade has the killer instinct but needs to develop it a bit more.


Championships have many different qualities. The Detroit Pistons were made up of just above average role players, and no specific superstars. The Lakers had Terrible team chemistry within their two best players, but the entire team talent was good enough to get them to win championships.

This shows that different teams are.. well.. Different.

So in conclusion to this article, do you think that the Miami Heats have what it takes in their team to Win a Championship?