The Price Of Honour Is A Staggeringly Hefty One

Joel DanielsContributor IOctober 5, 2010

"I'm taking you all down." Really?
"I'm taking you all down." Really?


Remember this picture? John Cena was informing Wade Barrett that he would be "taking the Nexus down one by one". That has now become a distant memory. How distant depends on how long creatives' can drag this out.


Let's get to it then.


Wade Barrett vs John Cena. Should Nexus lose, they were to evict themselves from WWE entirely. On the flip side, should John Cena claim hold of the loss, then he would undoubtedly - and without question - have to join The Nexus.


The latter happened at Hell In A Cell.


Now this past Monday Night we have seen John Cena "forced" (because honestly he dug this grave for himself) to pledge allegiance to Nexus  - and more specifically, Wade Barrett - have his job threatened should he not follow the whims and orders of Nexus - again more specifically Wade Barrett - wear the N-band above the gaudy purple Cenation-band, and finally do the most disgraceful thing a competitor could do: lay down.

In the 20 man Battle Royal John Cena stepped out of the ring allowing his new leader to be titled the number one contender for the WWE Title.



Brakes are being applied as many matters - cruciality depends on opinion I suppose - need to be brought to light before anyone gets the faintest idea that John Cena is now a full-fledged heel. I assure you, we have yet to see that as right now (maybe because of the earliness and suddenness of the situation) Cena is doing nothing more than playing a role that we all saw being played back in 2009 by none other than Mr.WrestleMania, and he is gaining a mass of sympathy votes for it.


A lot of things come to mind as a rebuttal becomes more and more necessary. First off, WWE, we the fans have already gotten a good dosage of the pity case and quite frankly I for one do not wish to see it injected into John Cena's plight.  Why? You may all thank the HIAC match stipulation for that one. John accepted the terms because he was high off the adrenaline that was labelled "last man standing at Summer Slam". To put it straightforwardly: John called his situation down on himself.

Right here, however, is the obvious difference in the Wade and John vs Shawn and JBL situation. Shawn did it for money (not the greed of money but because in storyline he needed help financially and fast). John has become Wade Barrett's lackey thanks to losing a match that held close to such a steep price.  Either way however, John (like Shawn) is garnering sympathy when honestly that was not (or rather should not be) the aim.

Thus comes the second problem: John Cena needs to become a heel. Yes the man is a money maker as he is quite frankly the biggest face in WWE right now (Randy is anti hero so he really does not count here). Yes he has a 50:50 ratio of fans and haters (questionable now as most people might have started to like John a bit more upon seeing him in such a dismantled state). But the man has done it all as a face so, quote, "the time is now" for his heel turn.


Monday Night, unfortunately, showcased that such suddenness will not be occurring around John Cena. And WWE is all the worse for it. Backing to the subject of Cena needing to change, having him play the pity card in this situation is never going to help that cause. The only thing it is doing - and I can not help but wonder if that was the original plan all along - is bringing the fans of Cena closer to the man they cheer for and otherwise forcing the haters (not the die hard haters like myself) to feel something for him. Marketing wise, that is smart. Storyline wise, this is just anserine.

After the dust settles - should WWE not take this opportunity to make John into even a fragment of a heel - then Cena simply reverts to his former ways. Selling merchandise and being booed out of almost every arena he steps foot into should said arena have Randy Orton gracing its presence. But let us not be extreme. Let us look at the simply fact that playing the note of sympathy for John's self-induced situation almost ensures a quick end to his run with Nexus. Knowing WWE, should the fans become overly distraught to the point of begging, a loophole will emerge for John that will miraculously entail him fighting for his freedom and subsequently ridding WWE of Nexus possibly forever.


We would be subject to - should the above happen - the same old s@#t. And up in smoke will his possible heel turn go.


Now all in all, this is just a version of what could happen to John and the Nexus should this whole pity case act be played out to the letter. However, bear in mind it's not as though it's being said that John should immediately become heel (because that would be like expecting a newborn to walk, talk and sing Phantom of The Opera in high crescendo)- it is just that it would be best to have him do that will under the guise of Nexus rather than a few months (if we're lucky) down the line when he has to go it alone. Putting aside mere interest, it would ensure that WWE retains John's credibility as in the initial, he could always just whip out the Nexus-made-me-do-it card to silence the noisier fans, rather than taking the heat for his own failure.


Well, in the end John has joined with Nexus. Forced or not, he's a part of the group he's grown to despise. His plan to destroy it from the inside out was thwarted viciously by our mystery GM so we may not see rebellion for any time soon. And sadly, I shall be putting away the celebration as Cena's loss at HIAC looks to have been a false alarm on the heel-turn radar.