Why The Giants Should Fire Tom Coughlin: And Who Should Replace Him

James ClimitContributor IOctober 4, 2010

Cowher with his Lombardi Trophy, shouldn't take to long to bring the Giants the same
Cowher with his Lombardi Trophy, shouldn't take to long to bring the Giants the sameJeff Swensen/Getty Images

Why the Giants should fire Tom Coughlin and Some Viable Replacements

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Coughlin is a terrible coach; I just don’t think he has what it takes to coach the New York Giants. A team playing with no discipline, or fire and seems to be in turmoil. Coughlin only had one good year, from December of 2007- December of 2008. That consisted of he 07 playoffs and the 08 seasons excluding the playoffs, but what else has he done well for this team?

Coughlin is old, he cannot relate to or motivate his players, and he is stubborn who wont seem to don’t work. Take the special teams for example, it has been consistently one of the worst units in the NFL and Coughlin refuses to fire Tom Quinn. For some reason, the Giants getting injured at abnormally high levels, and one thing I do know is that’s something you cant blame solely on the turf.

Lastly, other coaches around the league are doing more with less these days for example take the Titans; a team with a way less talented roster, Jeff Fischer still finds a way to be successful.

The New York Giants are the most prestigious team in the NFL and therefore, they should have their pick out of the top head coaches around the league, so why keep Coughlin, why not upgrade. 

In this article, I took a look at people considered to be top coaching candidates for the New York Giants. Enjoy!

Bill Cowher

As of now, Bill Cowher is my dream head-coaching candidate for the Giants; I think he possesses all the qualities necessary to take the Giants to the next level. Back in 1992 he took over an underachieving Steelers and made an immediate impact leading them to 11-5. That kind of turnaround is unheard of from a first year coach, and I think he can do even more, working with the Giants organization.

As a disciplinarian, he would never let players such as Jacobs or Osi to run their mouths as they currently are, or allow a quarter of the penalties from last week. Cowher also doubles as personal man, who like Parcells, Belichick, and Holmgren, understands what it takes to win, from a coaching and managing respective. Lastly, as such a respected coach, we would have his pick at top assistants on the market. Don’t think that matters well look how much the Chiefs improved by adding Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.

 Lastly, he will have his pick at the top assistants on the market, doesn’t think that makes a difference, well look at the Chiefs, Now with Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis they have already won 75% of the games they have last year.

But unfortunately, I addressed him as my DREAM candidate for a reason, Cowher is looking for a specific head-coaching job, he will not release, and it may not be the Giants… Even if he was to coach the Giants he has said he wants over 10 million a year, and be HC/GM which are things I’m not sure the Giants will not grant to anyone, not even Cowher.


Mike Martz

Mike Martz is the offensive genius that created the greatest show on turf, and now the great Bear show on turf. Now imagine how good he can make the extremely talented Giants offense. A Martz coached offense usually gains around 7 points more per game compared to the offense under previous management.

 Due to previous failure at head coach, it is extremely unlikely the Giants would rank him over successful coaches Cowher or Shottenheimer so its likely safe to say he wont be coming to the Giants anytime soon.


Marty Shottenheimer

Marty Schottenheimer is an extremely successful coach, like Cowher, took a mediocre team (Chargers) and brought great success. But unlike Cowher, he did not have the ability to finish and bring home the great Lombardi trophy, and as a result of that was fired after a 14-2 season. Schottenheimer is an extremely consistent head coach and has the ability to win in the regular season, wherever he goes, whomever he plays, he just does it. After coaching 20 years, he has 13 playoff seasons, 11 10+-win seasons, and 8 division titles and is 5th on the all time win list.

But something New York would not appreciate is his playoff record, which is terrible at best, (5-13) and is 67 so may face age concerns like Coughlin. Limited relation to players, and the amount of time he can spend game planning and motivation ability are some obvious concerns.

But this guy is my 2nd choice for the job, because he isn’t just a head coach, he is a teacher, who will teach the Giants fundamentals and will finally get them playing like a team. He has been a great motivator, who can get his team playing and just finds ways to win, all of which are extremely desirable traits for head coaches to have. Who knows, coaching the prestigious Giants, it may not take him long to break his super bowl hump.


Jon Gruden

Gruden is an interesting coach, yet is an offensive GENIUS, who could like Martz, immediately improve the offense with his schemes, but unlike Martz, is also a successful, proven coach. He was such a great coach, in fact, he was traded from Oakland, to Tampa Bay for 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks. He wants to come back to the NFL, so would gladly accept the Giants job, and is a great game planner and motivator, who brings fire and could have success with the Giants.


John Fox

Fox was the great Giants defensive coordinator from 1997-2001, whom led one of the best defenses in Giants history, still has some connections within the Giants organization. But it is common knowledge he would love to comeback and coach the Giants one day. Coaching the Panthers, in the past he just found ways to win, with the little talent he possesses, he can just get everything and more out of his players.  He has a strong presence in the locker room who is a leader of the team, and isn’t afraid of a single player, or the consequences of suspending or trading them (see Smith, Jenkins).

 Though due to his recent performance this season (0-4) I’m not sure how much the Giants would want him. But if he is fired, and does not get any head coaching interviews, I would LOVE him as our defensive coordinator, and be fine with him as a head coach. He would bring us immediate defensive success, control of the Giants locker team, and most likely success to the Giants organization.


Pepper Johnson

My personal favorite for the Giants defensive coordinator job back in January, I think he has what it takes to be a GREAT head coach. He is a young, fiery, leader, who once played brilliantly for the GMEN and is now a brilliant defensive mind, and apart of the Belichick coaching tree. I think that by hiring him, the Giants would solve all leadership and locker room problems and he would have them each week playing their hearts out, like they did back in 2007. He would light a fire under his players, and would never allow them to play like they are now, which is why I LOVE him for defensive coordinator or a head coach.

Sadly I do not think he will be considered for the head-coaching job because he doesn’t even have coaching experience as a coordinator, not to mention as a head coach. But what I am pulling for is for him to be hired as the defensive coordinator because I think he alone as a coordinator can fix the Giants leadership issues.


Perry Fewell

If Perry can get success from this Giants defense, he will be the next hot coaching commodity, all over the league, not just for the Giants. I can also guarantee the Giants will not want to lose another great coordinator and have to learn another defensive system. So Fewell will be a hot coaching prospect for the Giants. He would bring continuity, since he already coaches for the Giants so there would be no need for an overhaul, which is something the Giants owners would appreciate.