Cortland Finnegan Is Becoming an Embarrassment for the Tennessee Titans

Aaron MeeCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 11:   Hines Ward #86 of the Pittsburgh Steelers is pulled down by Cortland Finnegan #31 of the Tennessee Titans on September 11, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers defeated the Titans 13-10 in overtime.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Cortland Finnegan is drawing plenty of attention to himself this year.

Not the kind you get for being a great player on the football field, but rather for being a thug that had enough talent to be privileged enough to play in the NFL. And trust me: Nobody could be prouder of that accomplishment than Cortland Finnegan himself.

After receiving his first fine this season for punching Mike Wallace in a brawl between the Steelers and Titans on Sept. 19, Finnegan showed very little remorse. Instead of admitting that he lost composure and deserved the fine, he pointed his finger at Hines Ward and several others.

"I've only got one (fine) so far, so that's good,'' Finnegan said Thursday. "But I'm not happy about it. I am going to appeal that for sure. They better have gotten (Ward), and better have gotten more than just me and him, too. Some of that stuff I don't get. It's a putt-putt league now; you can't do nothing.''

Apparently Finnegan was never taught that it was wrong to punch other people when he was growing up. Poor guy, I'm surprised he made it this far.

A week after taking a swing at Wallace, Finnegan drew yet another fine, this time for dragging the New York Giants' Steve Smith to the ground by his helmet. Not a big deal, just part of the game. It happens in every game.

What is a big deal, is that a week later, he decided Chris Kuper, an offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos, deserved to be punched and head-butted after he lost his helmet on a run play vs. the Titans the following week in Tennessee.

For this offense, Finnegan will have to write a check for $10,000, and with it comes a threat from the league to increase the penalty for further such offenses.

When asked about his latest infraction, punching an opposing player in his blind side, Cortland said what everyone already knew:

"I was just being me."

Isn't that fantastic?

One can only hope that Tennessee Titans management will be sitting down with this knucklehead at some point to get him under control.

Then again, this is the same franchise that embraced Albert Haynesworth after he stomped the head of an opposing player, Andre Gurode, who had lost his helmet in a Titans-Cowboys game a few years back.

This is the franchise whose owner was caught flipping the bird to opposing fans last season. This is the team with the defensive coordinator that flipped the bird to the referee on live television coverage of the Broncos game last weekend.


As a whole, the Titans have been fined $102,000 through four games this season. From the top to the bottom of this organization, they are coming off as a bunch of punks.

This is a team that desperately needs to clean up its image, especially when they aren't winning games a lot at 2-2.

They are becoming an embarrassment to their city, state, and the NFL.

They need to drop the tough-guy act and just play ball. You want to intimidate the other team? Light them up when you get a chance to make a big hit. Don't grab ahold of their facemask to drag them down. My grandma could tackle a guy by the facemask, and she passed away a year ago.

You want to fight and throw punches? At least let the guy you are punching face you before you start throwing down.

What I find funny and ironic about Finnegan complaining about the NFL being a "putt-putt league" is that if Chris Kuper wasn't afraid of getting into trouble and letting his team down, he could have snapped Finnegan in half after he got cheap-shotted.

Cortland Finnegan should be counting his blessings that "you can't do nothing."