Iowa Hawkeye Football: OL Film Review: Penn St Nittany Lions

hawkeye gamefilmContributor IOctober 5, 2010

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 18:  The Iowa Hawkeyes line up before the college football game against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona. The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 34-27.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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This was a tale of two half's for this unit. In the first half they got progressively better at controlling the LOS and started to assert dominance at the end of the 1st half. The 2nd half it was progressively the other direction as by the last drive they had pretty much lost control of the LOS.  Part of it was due to PSU attacking downhill at the snap due to Iowa's conservative play calling and part of it was PSU's defense made some adjustments at the half. This wasn't an elite defense one but it's front 4 was very solid, especially against the run. This unit did handle line stunts and blitzes very well this week as they only gave up a single sack that Stanzi held the ball on.

Reiff was dominant in this game and both PSU's DE's were good match-ups for Reiff. Both are pretty physically gifted with good size but neither has very good pass rush moves and it really showed on film as Reiff smacked them around like an angry bear in pass protection. The PSU LB's weren't athletic enough to get away from him either and got punished a few times by him. The more I watch this guy the more I love his energy and effort. Many times at the end of plays you'll see him driving his guy still and others you'll see him be the first guy to help Robinson up off the ground after a carry. He's playing like a veteran leader for this team.

Vandervelde probably played better than his score indicates. He had some dominant run blocks in this game and was very sound in pass protection.  He has been kind of up and down so far this season and it was good to see him come out and play like this against a pretty good front 4. He just punished the PSU LB's on running plays at times and they were probably real sick of seeing #63 fire off the ball at them by the end of this one.

Ferentz had a rough day as he was consistently going up against a guy who had 20 or 30 pounds on him.In the first half he was solid and really didn't have any obvious mistakes and did a solid job on his combo blocks, but you could tell he was having a tough time moving the NT. It got even tougher later in the game when he started wearing down a bit and Iowa was calling it close to the vest with almost all running plays.

Macmillan continued on his learning process in this game and he still shows flashes of potential pretty often despite a rough score this week. He played about 2:1 in terms of number of series with Adam Gettis in this one.  The game still appears to be moving a bit faster than he can handle and he should benefit more and more from the rotation with Gettis as the season goes on. Gettis was better this week as well but clearly  has some work to do before he's a solid starter. To Gettis's credit I didn't see any lunging from him this week and that has plagued him up to this point.

Zusevics is quietly playing a very solid year at RT. He doesn't have a lot of flashy hits in space or big pancake blocks but he takes care of business. His run blocking technique is really starting to come around and he's handling reaches down to the DT much better than in week 1.  His pass blocking continues to be high quality and he really understands how to open up the throwing lanes and provide a safe pocket for Stanzi to step up into.


+1 Solid work against the DE here as he puts him on the ground and gets up and drives the pile forward. D1 Play 4
+1 Nice work on his down block here as he finds the MLB and keeps him away from Robinson. D1 Play 7
+1 Great job maintaining contact with the LB here as he Robinson cuts to the opposite side that Reiff had him pinned and his man still is way out of the play and doesn’t touch Robinson. D2 Play 2
+1 Nice down block here as he collapses the left side and opens a big seam to the outside. D3 Play 6
-1 Gets out on the LB in space but is unable to re-direct him away from Robinson and his man clogs the lane. D5 Play 4
+1 Excellent reach block here as he gets under his man and controls him very well at the POA on 1st down carry by Robinson. D6 Play 4
+1 Great reach down to the DT again here as he just drives the DT 10 yards down-field and out of the seam here. D6 Play 5
+1 Another excellent job of reaching down to the DT here as he drives him out of the play and creates a lane.  D7 Play 2
+1 Great pass blocking on Crawford here in space. Just totally controls him to protect Stanzi’s blind side in the end zone. D9 Play 3

Overall: +7

+1 Excellent work on the run block here as he gets to his LB and drives him to the ground here as he finishes the block. D1 Play 4
-1 Unable to control the DT here and he penetrates and breaks up the running play. D5 Play 3
+1 Great job on the LB here as he fires out and gets to him quickly and then drives him right out of the seam and puts him on the ground. D6 Play 4
+1 Another dominant drive block as he gets out on the LB here and stays square and shoves his man 5-10 yards down field. D6 Play 5
+1 Another great block on the LB here as he gets out and hits him hard and low and puts him on the ground. D7 Play 2
-1 Vandervelde isn't able to get to his reach block here and the play is clogged up by his man. D8 Play 2

Overall: +2

+1 Nice job controlling the NT here as he gets his hips around and stops him dead in his tracks. D7 Play 6
-1 Got blown up by penetration and is driven into the backfield and it totally disrupted the running play here. D8 Play 1
-1 Holding call. Got beat badly by the DT and then tackled him as he went by. D9 Play 2
-1 Lets the DT split the double team in pass protection as he loses contact and he puts a shot into into Stanzi. D10 Play 3
-1 Holding call again. Got beat by penetration again and just tackled the DT. D11
-1 Ferentz misses his DT here and he makes another TFL on Robinson. D11 Play 5

Overall: -4

-1 Misses the LB here on the combo block. Needs to slide off faster when Ferentz has control of his man. The LB penetration really broke up the timing of the play. D1 Play 7
-1 Beaten by his man badly here as he misses the cut block and the guy makes a TFL on Robinson. D1 Play 8
-1 Very poor job on the combo block here as he slips off almost instantly and allows penetration to the play side that disrupts the timing and forces Robinson to avoid defenders in the backfield. D2 Play 1
+1 Nice work in pass protection here as he stays with the DT doesn’t give any ground at all here. D3 Play 7
-1 MacMillan misses the LB off his chip and comes through untouched and makes the play on Robinson. D7 Play 4
+1 Very nice job of handling the penetration by the DT this time as he re-directs him well away from the back. D8 Play 2

Overall: -2

-1 Just lost control of his head up DT here and he makes hit on the Robinson for no gain. D5 Play 2
+1 Nice cut block on the backside here as he gets his man on the ground and opens the cut back lane up D5 Play 2
+1 Good block in the LB here as he gets out and stays with him up to the whistle. Nice blocking. D11 Play 1
-1 Poor help on the chip and then doesn’t get to the LB either. Very poor effort here. D11 Play 5

Overall: Overall

+1 Excellent footwork in pass protection here as he stones his man and keeps him well away from Stanzi. D5 Play 5
+1 Great job turning his LB out of the seam here. Does a really nice job of shielding the back here. D6 Play 6
+1 Nice seal block here on the DE here to open up the big lane. D7 Play 6
+1 Nice down block here as he drives his guy well out of the hole. D11 Play 1

Overall: +4


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