C.M. Punk, the man without a mission

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 4, 2010

It really is amazing how fast things can change in the WWE.  Almost a year ago, (November)we saw the first stages of the Straight Edge Society, when Punk brought in his first convert, Luke Gallows.  And then around January Serena was added, and the Society was born.

     For the most part, this was a great angle, that was generating a lot of interest with the fans.  Some loved it, others hated it, but at least it was getting attention.  Punks new role as a “saviour” had a very creepy cult leader feel to it, and comparisons to Charles Manson were frequently heard.

    Then came the feud with Rey Mysterio.  The feud itself was good, and the stipulation of Punk having to shave his head after his loss at Over The Limit, gave it a new dimension, as Punk decided to wear a mask, rather than show off his newly bald head.  Of course I feel that there could have been much more to this storyline had Mysterio lost, and was forced to join the S.E.S.  but that wasn’t the case, and Punk moved on with his group, and eventually wound up in a very embarassing feud with The Big Show.

     The feud with Show started back in July, and was nothing more than one loss after another, with Big Show crushing the S.E.S. at every turn, and eventually led to The Giant, unmasking Punk, as well as Joey Mercury, who had joined the group in April, but was sparingly used.  After one last failed attempt at getting revenge on The Big Show at SummerSlam, the end of the S.E.S. came quickly.

     In August, Serena was let go by the WWE, for questionable reasons, and in September Joey Mercurys injury put him on the shelf.  Later that month, Punk, kicked original member Luke Gallows out of the group, delivering a GTS to him following a handicap loss, once again, to The Big Show. In just under two  months, the group had collapsed.

     And that brings us to the present.  Punk is the sole member of his own group, and for the moment has absolutly no direction, and nobody to face.  His recent loss at the hands of The Undertaker on this past edition of Smackdown, has only served to make him look even weaker.  And if this continues, he will become nothing more than a big name jobber.

     So what can be done to stop this freefall into mid card status?  Perhaps a move to RAW would be in order.  A change of scenery can do wonders for a sagging career, and with new people to torment, there could be some interesting feuds in the works.  Personally I would love to see him in a program with John Morrison, or Bryan Danielson.   Or maybe it is time to think about Punk going back to being a good guy?  I prefer him as a Heel, but with Christian out with an injury, he could fill that void on Smackdown.

     But whatever happens, Punk won’t be going away any time soon, and with his talent, I doubt he will stay down for very long.  It’s a shame that such a good angle as the Straight Edge Society got ruined, but hopefully now that it is gone, Punk can focus on being great, all by himself.