Number Four: The Brett Favre Saga in Verse

Andrew KaakeCorrespondent IIAugust 16, 2008

There once was a man who played ball,
They called him the greatest of all,
This story is fact,
How he left and came back,
And if he had made the right call.

He was the QB for Green Bay,
16 long years did he play,
But he threw a bad pass,
He called it his last,
And decided no longer to stay.

His eyes were so full of tears,
As he thought about all of the years,
But he said it was done,
The press had their fun,
But Favre no longer had fears.

Soon, three months had passed,
And the catch he had called his last,
No longer was good,
And he thought he should,
Come back and try one more pass.

The Packers said he'd had his day,
That Rodgers was paving the way,
"You can play second fiddle,
We'll give you a bid, we'll
Do anything to make you not play."

Brett wouldn't have any of that,
He cared not that the check was fat,
He loved his football,
It was his all in all,
So Greta and he had a chat.

Everyone wanted him back,
Especially to play for the Pack,
The media raged,
With page after page,
'Til Goodell said, "Sure, go get sacked."

Thompson was throwing a fit,
He told Aaron he was it,
He was stuck in a spot,
He knew that he'd got,
To let Favre come back for a bit.

Finally, he thought a way out,
One that would make people shout,
For a single draft pick,
He'd get rid of Favre quick,
So there'd be no quarterback bout.

There's one more thing you should get,
About this saga of Brett,
They traded away,
A legend, they say,
Known as Broadway Brett the Jet!