After Hell In a Cell: What Happened and What´s Next In US Title Picture?

HellbillyCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

WWE PPV Hell in a Cell yesterday provided us some great moments and matches.

While the most discussed thing is the interesting change in Nexus storyline, where two interfering "fans" finally were kryptonite to the WWE´s Superman, another field where we have some good future news is the United States title picture.

Last night, in perhaps the match of the night, John Morrison, The Miz, and US champion Daniel Bryan put on a thrilling Submissions Count Anywhere Triple Threat match, with Daniel Bryan making Miz tap out to his LeBell Lock and retaining the title.

In a potential match of the night (although, both cell matches were huge) we saw Haas of Pain, Cattle Mutilation, armbars, Texas cloverleaf and various other submissions by all contestants, and a beautiful dive from the stage set by John Morrison.

So, where can the situation move in the current state? To be honest, I expected Daniel Bryan to retain, but by making JoMo tap, and then frustrated Miz to cash-in his contract after Orton/Sheamus match to become the new WWE champion.

However, it was Miz who tapped out, and he didn't cash in his MITB contract. That means WWE still plans to keep him occupied and build him more before he´ll step into main event.

With WWE being high on both Miz and Bryan, and with them having one of the most personal and heated feuds in WWE in a long time, I expect them to milk it more, with potential ending at Survivor Series in a Team Bryan/Team Miz elimination match.

Riley being involved on Miz´s side is sure, Morrison allying with Bryan is very possible. For all fans of a Morrison heel turn, I don´t think it´s likely right now.

WWE may give us hints, but teasing is one of the things they love to do. But after realistic look, no serious evidence exists for a heel turn. The creative team seems comfortable with having him as a face.

I´m not sure if Miz is gonna have another rematch, it looks like his rematch clause was used at HIAC.

That makes Riley a potential challenger. It´s still possible that tournament is gonna be held on RAW to determine the No. 1 contender, but there are already enough men involved in this feud, plus, like I said, it´s personal, with all guys being linked in some way.

Bryan has been on a roll of late (finally WWE, after you made him lose every match on NXT). He looks good in title defenses, improves on the mic, and gets really over very quickly (he receives a good pop for his offense and fans chant his name, I think reason why his entrance pop is so mild is because fans still aren´t used to his new theme, as Ride of the Valkyries isn´t exactly the theme you´d expect WWE superstar to have).

The person most benefiting from this feud is Bryan, since he is getting over so quickly partially because he opposes huge heat magnet The Miz.

Expect him to have a good reign with the US title, and establishing himself strongly in the upper midcard.

So, this feud is far from being over. Another chapter of it may start to write itself tonight on RAW.