Oakland Raiders two minute drill

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Opposite the Titans, who established their run game quite clearly last week, the Raiders looked to go ground for the most part. Still, its no excuse for the poor showing by most of its wide outs.

Carter was a non factor.

Walker was a non factor.

Curry looks dangerous agile and powerful. And he actually caught the ball.

John Madsen made his presence known in brief appearances. All bad. Drew a flag. Missed blocks and looked confused at times.

Chaz Schillens. Made 3 good grabs. I like the idea of an "H" back, but not sure if its enough for him to make the team.

Miller looks legit in receiving andblocking. The concern is, Oaklands suspect line could cost him catches and us yardage. He may have to stay in to block if we want Russell to stay upright.

Kwame Harris gets kudos for going up against Van Den Bosch and on occasion Haynesworth who got so angry at one of Harris’ tenacious run blocks, he hip checked him and dumped him to the ground.

After Darren McFadden was 12 yds down field.

Harris’ did draw a flag, (but most Raider linemen do) but his pass blocking, the scheme and play calling saw him do better than most people expected.

I’m one of the few who’s been a loyal proponent of Robert Gallery and believed he could make the tackle to guard transition like Gene Upshaw, but even my considerable patience is wearing thin.

If he can’t stop committing penalties and getting beaten this year, even I’m for parting ways and finding a better, more consistent line man.

John Wade looked tentative. He was playing against Haynesworth, but still.

He got manhandled early on by Haynes, (who doesn’t?) but, even when not heads up, Wade tippy toed into the second level to engage LBs and didn’t look aggressive. Once he locked on however he usually won the contest of strength.

Looked bad one on one and in space.

Not horrible, but not good.

Lets hope Grove is ready to step up.

Cooper Carlisle. Solid, uneventful. Like a good rock drummer. When he’s good, you don’t even realize he’s there.

Cornell Green looks lazy, slow and disinterested in his surroundings on too many plays. Run, pass blocking and effort seemed to suck.

Mario Hender...do we even need to? Supposed to challenge Harris’ for LT duties, he couldn’t challenge the wobbly Green for the right side.

He likely won’t make the cut down Aug. 30th and could be gone before if he doesn’t have a miraculous turn around.

McFadden had one good burst up the middle and hasn’t really been given the opportunity to "get outside". Kiffin feels what he needs work at is running inside, churning his legs after contact and securing the ball.

Mission accomplished.

Expect to see less of that once the season starts.

You get the feeling based on camp reports DMC is being kept under wraps.

Michael Bush is looking every bit the 1st round prospect he was before his fateful College break.

Blocking, receiving, short yards, endurance to bash and wear teams late, it looks like he has the potential to develop all.

Could be the sleeper.

Fargas looks lean, mean, powerful and fast. Still if he keeps up his crash test dummy running style, you have to wonder how long he can contribute before getting dinged.

He had a major collision in the hole with a closing LB, buckled him and struggled forward for more yards, impressive, but shows his attack style and inability to slip big hits.

His health will remain a concern.

Louis Rankin may be auditioning for a shot with another team. Too bad, because he could be an invaluable reserve at RB. Didn’t see much time last night, but was yanked from the game late because of a mental error. He went out of bounds instead of trying to kill the clock.

Oaklands kick return woes may be his ticket to a roster slot in a crowded back field.

He was replaced by Adimchinobe Echemandu who soon broke a 72 yarder. "Joe" ran out of gas and was caught from behind. (DMC would’ve completed that run...) And it cost the Raiders the game.

On 4thand goal, FB Oren O’Neal fumbled on the 2 yd line. The Titans advanced and kicked the game winner.

Too bad, for O’Neal, because he’s had a stellar camp and is developing into one of the League best blocking FB’s.

Justin Griffith, who had two nearly back to back penalties against San Fran may not have even played. I wasn’t paying attention. He certainly didn’t make a huge impression if he did.

Russell looked good. Mobile, agile and composed even under pressure. He showed the ability to create on the fly and a serious chemistry with TE Zach Miller.

Walter was bloodied thanks to Henderson’s ineptitude and lack of fire, but has almost certainly earned the #2 slot with leadership, passion and growth as player.

No Tui at all. In fact, its rumored the Raiders may go with only TWO QBs.

Risky considering their tackles and lack of depth on the O line, but Tui hasn’t shown he’s clearly worth the roster slot.


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