WWE Hell in a Cell Results: In the Viper's Playground, Hell Froze Over and Cena Lost

Miss AnnieAnalyst IOctober 4, 2010

Randy Orton stands tall atop the Hell in a Cell after retaining his WWE Championship
Randy Orton stands tall atop the Hell in a Cell after retaining his WWE Championship

Without further ado and witty opening statements, here’s my "usual" little review of WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

(And yes, there is a rib there somewhere.)

US Championship: Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match


With John Morrison just suddenly inserted in the title picture less than a week before this match, it had a pretty good fusion which made an interesting dynamics.  All three got their time to shine and execute their moves.

Although, I must say, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan carried that match. No offense to the Miz, and I’m certainly not hating on him, but that’s the way I saw it.  Morrison again executed his parkour skills, and that climb and jump from the 20-foot fence was kind of great too.

The match was very entertaining, and pretty much maintained a good pace.  It got more exciting as they spilled through the crowd, and with the use of other objects like the equipment box, and the stage designs. 

At one point Miz attempted to crash the equipment box towards Morrison, and I have expected Morrison to jump out of the way up to the stage.  Instead he stopped the box and sort of jump kicked Miz—which didn’t even connect.

Anyway, Bryan retained his title, which is good, since he just won it two weeks ago.  Now, the question is what will happen to Miz? He’s already got his rematch, and he lost so will he now work on other things like cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase on a World Championship, or will he still go after Bryan and perhaps cash it in for the US Title?


I am of the opinion that he should stick with Bryan.  Their storyline doesn’t feel like it’s over just yet, and he could be the obsessed guy who would do anything to get his revenge and title back, kind of like Edge obsessing after Cena’s title before.

As for Morrison, well, there’s still time to build something up for him.  Maybe they can continue with this three way rivalry, because it’s certainly slightly more interesting than just Bryan and Miz, with Miz beating the hell out of Bryan on Raw.

I also have to note, since I’ve been complaining about it so much these past months, that the announce work during this match was pretty entertaining as well.  It was nice to hear Cole finally recognize Bryan, but the funniest part was when Cole wanted to check on Miz.


WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Viper PWNS


“Perhaps Hell in a Cell should be renamed ‘The Viper’s Playground’” – Michael Cole

It’s seldom I agree to what Cole has to say, but that one just hit the target right on the dot.  Randal…err…Randy Orton owned that cell, and he validated that when he climbed on top of it. That was a site to behold. He certainly has no fear of heights, and he looks very at home at the top.


Although I knew he was going to retain the title—winning it only two weeks ago, and with the massive fan support right now, the match was still pretty awesome and exciting to watch. Gritty is the right word, if I may. 

No one does a Cell Match like Randy does except maybe for the master of HiaC himself—Triple H, but that’s still arguable. And certainly nobody sells like Randy Orton can, whether he’s handing out or taking the punishment, except maybe for the Undertaker.

I’m a big fan of Hunter himself, but we know it’s not going to be long until he hangs up the boots and put the sledgehammer back in the toolbox.  That said; I don’t mind if Randy takes over Hunter’s position at the top echelon.  I actually see more of Hunter in him than Austin.

Sheamus was great too, I mean, after all, it takes two to tango.  This is only his first Cell match, and I’m sure we can expect a lot more from him next time if ever.  The match definitely was heart-stopping at every turn, with believable spots and stunts. Like I said, even though you know it’s highly unlikely that Orton would lose, it was still a pretty even match, with both men getting their flurries on.

Anyway, this was Sheamus’ return match so this should be the end of this feud.  It would be interesting to see who Orton would face next, and hopefully he will emerge this tonight on Raw.  As for Sheamus, I’m still hoping for Triple H to return and continue their feud which was cut short due to his injury.



Alberto Del Rio and Edge Promo, Edge vs Swagger by Order of the GM


Edge’s promos are always amusing, and this was no different.  It was funny when he said he was going to fight ‘stupidity’.  Lead me to think though, that he was given what could’ve been Jericho’s gimmick had he not been punted to oblivion (read: touring with his band).

Alberto selling himself off as richer then Marc Cuban, and more handsome that Tony Romo got me laughing. But the laugh out loud moment was when Edge told Alberto his wink was disturbing but also extremely stupid, and I tend to agree.

Then Jack Swagger joined in, and the GM makes an impromptu (?) match between him and Edge.  I didn’t even know the Anonymous GM had such powers, making a match for a SmackDown! Superstar, but then, nothing much really makes sense with regards to that.

Putting the match between Swagger and Edge after Orton’s match was kind of a buzz killer. But I guess they placed it there to give the audience a chance to breathe and get their heart rates back to normal before Cena vs. Barrett. It was a pretty good match though.

Anyway, with Edge being pitted against two Smackdown Superstars gave the idea that he may be joining the Smackdown roster again soon, perhaps as soon as after Bragging Rights as some suggested.  Maybe this Monday, when he ‘apologizes’ to the GM who doesn’t appreciate him, he’ll just say he’d rather go to Smackdown than pander to the GM.



Hell Freezes Over: John Cena Loses to Wade Barrett


“The world is shocked, and I’m excited!” – Matt Striker.

How true is that statement?

This match had the most reaction, whether it was excitement to what could lie ahead or disappointment upon Cena’s loss.  Both reactions are good, since that means they’ve accomplished getting this thing permeate the fans consciousness, whether they are for Cena or not.

You could see the shock in everyone’s faces, especially the kids.  I have to apologize if anyone’s kids were disappointed, but that was pretty funny.

I had no idea who was going to win because a lot is hanging in the balance, but not many people expected Cena to lose, including me.  So it’s very interesting to see how Cena joining Nexus will work out, to say the least.

Cena did a good job of putting Wade over in the match, too—something we don’t see often. But then again, Wade is very talented on his own.

Husky Harris and Mike McGuilicutty interference also played a good part in shocking the fans.  Will the rest of the NXT 2 rookies or just the two of them be joining Nexus?  I guess we’ll know tonight.



Unified Divas’ Championship Match


Natalya and Michelle are probably two of the more capable women on the whole roster among the active ones.  Compared to the others, they have more athleticism than most, especially Natalya.

Natalya winning the title would’ve been perfect, but I guess they didn’t think it was time yet.  I don’t understand it but, I would like to think it’s going to come soon, and they are just whetting our appetite up and building the anticipation towards it like they did with Randy Orton.

For now, it’s great to see Natalya finally get some of the spotlight she deserves, away from The Hart Dynasty.  It’s only a matter of time before we see that belt around her waist, I feel.

Just an observation: Does Michelle’s matches always have to come before Taker’s matches now?  Her match Last PPV was as well.


Kane Retains with Paul Bearer’s help


Rightfully the last match of the night.  This one was full of everything.  It had action, drama and suspense—much like the other two most important matches of the night, but even more so because it had special effects (Insert humor here).

Two weeks ago, in my review of last the last PPV, Night of Champions, I mentioned that I thought Undertaker was going to get his revenge in HiaC, it being the ‘devil’s playground’ and all. So, it was a surprise—a good one, that Kane won again.

Paul Bearer unexpectedly betrayed the Undertaker and allowing Kane to retain his title.  Some say this is going to lead to Undertaker’s final days, and right now, this seems likely.  I mean, he’s certainly not going to be there forever.

How long before it does get to that point, and what happens in between is what I’m interested in seeing.  Could they make it last to Wrestlemania and keep it as interesting? That’s always a challenge, but it would be great to have a long feud which has been lacking for some time now.


In conclusion, as we enter the last quarter of the year, it feels like we’re opening a new chapter with this PPV.  I am excited with the new prospects and possibilities that could occur, and if that’s what this PPV wished to accomplish, aside from giving us entertainment, I think it pretty much has done so.

Everyone has done a darn good job, and I can’t really complain about anything.  I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens tonight on Raw.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

By the way, kudos to that camera guy who got hit a couple of times during the whole thing.  Must be new.