That's Okay Oren O'Neal, It Was Only a Game-Winning TD

greg pitschSenior Analyst IAugust 16, 2008

In the midst of starting the preseason 2-0, and just minutes away from big talk in the beginning of the season, it was third and goal, and the call was a fullback dive. O'Neal's number was called, but he now wishes it hadn't been.

The Oakland Raiders' defense held up strong and got the ball back to the offense to seal the game, or so they thought. After a 72-yard run by Adimchinobe, followed by a decent run up to the goal line, his number was called again—but twice he was stopped just short.
The next call baffled me, but it might have something to do with the fact that all the back-ups lack a good grasp of the offense to audible, or at least have someone go in motion.
Greg Knapp decided to run a fullback dive up the gut for the fourth running play in a row from just a half yard out. It could have been an amazing play call had it worked.
Oren took the hand-off and was doomed for failure. The Tennessee Titans had the box loaded. I thought for sure the Raiders would at least do a play action, or a quarterback bootleg into the endzone with "Tui." From what I saw, the Titans had nine in the box, and had just stopped two run plays just shy of the goal-line.

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