Rutgers Football: Calling Out the 'Fans' of Rutgers Football

Double G SportsCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

What happened to the Rutgers football program? For all the improvement and excitement that had been generated since head coach Greg Schiano stepped on campus, the program seems to be losing it’s fan interest.

Big time college football programs sell out their stadiums, much bigger ones, regardless of their teams’ record. The attendance this past Saturday at Rutgers Stadium was extremely disappointing. Attendance was nowhere near a sell out.

Now, I am not saying every single game should be sold out, although that would be nice. This past Saturday was a gorgeous afternoon. Perfect weather to enjoy an afternoon outside watching football.

Not to mention it was Homecoming Weekend.

Looking around the stadium, you could see tons and tons of empty seats. The student section did not get crowded until the second quarter.

I understand everyone loves to tailgate and hang out with their friends and family before the game, but get in the stadium by kickoff. As an athlete, the sound of the crowd does have an effect on you.

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