WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results: Grading the Excitement from Each Match

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results: Grading the Excitement from Each Match

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    Hey Bleacherholics!

    Want to know why this PPV was the best of 2011?

    Check this out and afterwords you'll be happy that you ordered the PPV or you'll be pissed off that you didn't view it.

    New World Champion.

    New WWE Champion.

    And a stack of decent matches.

    And I'm going to rate the excitement of each match along with predictions for the future of the Stars involved.

    Check out my article on things we learned from the PPV here.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Last Man Standing Match

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    Randy Orton Defeats CM Punk with a RKO from the top rope.

    Grade - 7.5/10: The whole feud has been lackluster.

    Decent match with a great finish: A RKO from the top rope.

    Spots needed to watch:

    Multiple Singapore cane shots to both men and Booker T saying "Payback is a Mother."

    RKO on the announcers table with the table not collapsing.

    The future for Randy Orton:

    He either needs to feud with Cody Rhodes or turn heel and face Christian.

    The Future of CM Punk:

    A small part of me hopes a feud between Punk and HHH will happen for SummerSlam, but I doubt it will happen.

    Punk is still involved with the Nexus so a feud with an up and coming star like Kofi could be the next option.  

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus: Tables Match

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    Kofi Kingston over Sheamus as a boom drop through the table.

    Grade: 8/10.

    A match which was speculated throughout the world happened and the right, albeit blatant outcome happened.

    RAW needs a secondary title and Kofi was the viable candidate.

    The match itself was very exciting with multiple dodges of the table by Kingston and I felt it was better than Orton/Punk.

    Spots needed to watch:

    Kofi Kingston dodging the table when he ran into the the turnbuckle (with the Table anchored up)—he leaped over the table and landed on the second ropes.

    Kingston gets hit with the Brode Kick on the ring apron whilst the table outside Kofi jumps right over.

    The table set up in front of the announcers desk a partially standing Sheamus receives a boom drop from the ring.

    The future of Kofi Kingston:

    He will defend the United States title until WWE have a viable candidate to take it away from him.

    The future of Sheamus:

    A main event push to the top of Smackdown. 

Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler vs. Micheal Cole & Jack Swagger: Country Whipping Match

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    Cole and Swagger over Lawler and Jim Ross.

    Grade: 6/10.

    In all honesty, this match was slightly better than the WrestleMania match.

    The only reason its not 1/10 is because I and the majority of you want to see Jim Ross. Although all of us don't want him to wrestle—at least we have seen him.

    Spots needed to watch:

    Jim Ross performs Ankle lock on Swagger and Cole.


    A rematch...

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes: Falls Count Anywhere Match

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    Rey Mysterio over Cody Rhodes.

    Grade: 9/10.

    This match was great—they fought all over the arena and had multiple good spots in the match, although my favorite was when they were battling inside the Arena hallway and the crowd was chanting "Holy S***."

    Spots needed to watch:

    Cody Rhodes performing his "beautiful disaster" in the hallway of the arena.

    Rey Mysterio barges Rhodes into bins—crowd "Holy S***" chants.

    The future of Rey Mysterio:

    The draft to RAW means he won't be main eventing anytime soon—feuds between McIntyre and Ziggler could be done for elevation needs.

    The future of Cody Rhodes:

    Personally—I hope for an Orton/Rhodes feud which can propel him to main events. 

Layla vs. Michelle McCool: No Count Out, No Disqualification, Loser Leaves WWE

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    Layla over Michelle McCool.

    Grade: 7/10. (10/10 Compared to the divas matches of recent times.)

    The match was a decent match, they didn't have long, but had longer than most Diva matches. The expected win for Layla happened sending McCool to the arms of the Undertaker.

    Spots needed to watch:

    Both of them balancing on the barricade (whilst Michelle was laying on it, some dude took a picture of her a**...) McCool face-planted her onto the floor.   

    Kharma debuting with the Implant buster on McCool followed by Laughs then sudden serious...

    The future of Layla:

    Taken from my previous article;

    Now LayCool has finished. 

    Layla may just become another diva...

    By that I mean a diva or has the spotlight then disappears. 

    Alicia Fox was all over the TV when Champion and rightly so.

    Eve wasn't anywhere to be seen until capturing the Divas title and now she lost it to the Bellas—expect it again.

    Natayla was on a role as divas Champion—she has rarely been seen in the RAW Ring.

    Melina is slowly disappearing from TV—I wouldn't be surprised is she is part of the spring cleaning...

    Future of Kharma:

    Hopefully a feud with Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix and I wouldn't mind a feud with Khali...

John Cena vs. the Miz vs. John Morrison: Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

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    John Cena defeated Miz and John Morrison.

    Grade: 8.5/10.

    It was a decent match—but as Christian/ Del Rio took a lot out of me, I didn't feel to bothered about it. It should have been before Christian's ladder match.

    Spots needed to watch:

    Morrison starship pain from the top of the steel cage.

    Cena receives a C-4 from Morrison.

    Cena does a monkey Flip on Morrison (must see for you guys who say he is a 5 trick pony).

    Future of Cena:

    Feud with Del Rio culminating at SummerSlam which Del Rio will finally fulfill his destiny. 

    Future of Miz:

    With an interaction with Riley - a move to SmackDown seems in the works...

    Future of Morrison:

    Feud with R-Truth which will be entertaining.

Big Show/Kane vs. Corre (Barrett/Jackson) for Tag Team Titles

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    Kane and Big Show over the Corre.

    Grade: 7/10.

    When the Corre's music hit—we all thought it was Gabriel and Slater but Jackson and Barrett came out.

    It was a lumberjack match with all the lower tier guys/NXT Rookies around the ring, nothing to report home about but at least WWE are giving the time of day for the Tag Belts.

    Future of Kane/Big Show:

    This is the second incarnation of Jerishow. They will lead the Tag Team division for some time.

    Future of Corre:

    A split must be coming in the next months.  

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio: Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title

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    Captain Charisma, Christian finally has become WWE World Champion in a epic ladder match—Alberto Del Rio has not fulfilled his destiny...yet.

    Grade: 10/10. (Had Del Rio won—it would be 8 or 9/10.)

    The match was great spots everywhere and Extreme Rules did indeed have blood. Blood of Brodus Clay also interrupting was Edge whom distracted Del Rio with a car horn and celebrated with Christian and the win.

    My eyes shed a tear or two in joy for Christian win—I was so vocal in my living room, I'm surprised no one called the police; I'm usually quiet at home during matches...

    Spots needed to watch:

    Edge interruption and Christian pulls down the title.

    Del Rio failing a Splash through a ladder due to Christian rolling off.

    Christian received a kick whilst on top of the ropes and holding a ladder—he fell from the top rope onto the ladder.

    Christian trapped in the ladder then gets out to pull Rio seconds before Rio was about to get the title.

    Future of Del Rio:

    Feud with Cena which concludes at SummerSlam and him fulfilling his destiny becoming World champion.

    Future of Christian:

    A fighting champion and a feud between Orton (one of them turns heel) or a feud with Sheamus—someone must be elevated. 

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    Check out my article on things we learned from the PPV here.