San Francisco Giants: Randy Winn Only Hitter Worth Keeping

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IAugust 16, 2008

The Giants' offense is miserable. Dead last in power and damn near close in batting average. But, despite all of that, is there just one guy worth keeping? The answer may surprise you as it is not Aaron Rowand or Bengie Molina, the Giants' only two sources of power.

In fact, the only Giants' hitter who I would keep right now if Brian Sabean said they were getting rid of all but one batter, is Randy Winn.

The guy doesn't hit many home runs or do anything spectacular, but he's out their every day and does his very best to get himself on base and creating scoring chances.

In the month of August alone, Winn has raised his batting average from a respectable .280 to an even better .302. In fourteen games this month, he has hit safely in eleven of those while having more then one hit in eight and more then three hits four times.

If there's another thing that's even more surprising then the hits, it's the speed he's shown on the base paths. Before getting caught stealing the other night, he had stolen sixteen consecutive bases and is twenty two for twenty four on the year is attempts. He won't lead the league in totals, but it shows that he's smart and know's when to run.

But, the reason for this article is not to commend Randy Winn for his efforts as I have done in the previous paragraphs, but rather, to hope and ask that the Giants do not trade him in the coming weeks.

It is a rumor heating up even more now with the Tampa Bay Rays losing Carl Crawford possibly for the season that they would try to acquire Randy Winn for a second stint in Florida. But Sabean must say no to the deal as Randy Winn has shown himself to be a more then able bodied player, and a player that has earned a right to stay.