Will This Be Liverpool's Last Season at Top-Tier Football?

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IOctober 4, 2010

Liverpool's distraught players
Liverpool's distraught playersAlex Livesey/Getty Images

It seems the English Premier League, one of the most historic clubs, is going down and pretty fast. Liverpool, which has been suffering from cash-crunches in the past couple seasons, has seen the noose tighten around its neck in the past one year or so.

With the club up for sale, appointment of a new manager and their star players staying on, it seemed that the Anfield outfit would finally make it. There was a glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel. But after the past two months of football, it seems the light at the end of the tunnel is no more.

The club has been struggling from the day ex-Fulham manager Roy Hodgson took charge. His predecessor Rafa Benitez was blamed of failing to land any top honours for the club and was sacked this summer.

But the team looks pathetic after Hodgson took charge. Though Liverpool never won top honours, except the Champions League, Benitez with his shoe-string budget ensured the club stayed at the top of the table. But under Hodgson, the Merseyside Reds' have been merely pathetic lagging at the bottom of the table after this weekend's shocking loss to newcomer Blackpool.

With the team's poor performance, Martin Broughton, who is entrusted with overseeing the sale of the club, will have trouble finding new owners. With only a month left from going into administration, there seems to be no hope for the Reds. With a mere six points from their seven outings, going into administration would just underline the worst fear, and that is Liverpool going down this season.

Though it might still seem too far-fetched for a club of Liverpool's stature to go down so easily, but there is no denying the possibility of such a thing happening. The players' morale is at an all-time low, and the team looks no better than a championship team. New signing Christian Poulsen resembles not even half of what he was projected to be. Milan Jovanovic, too, has failed to impress.

Liverpool's current squad has only a handful of top quality players, and the others are just not worthy to play at a club of Liverpool's stature.

Moreover, Fernando Torres has not been any good. His injury crisis is still continuing, and he looks jaded whenever he takes the field. Jamie Carragher too has looked off-color in recent weeks. Glen Johnson has been pathetic at the back. A new ownership and some fresh quality signings are needed if the club has any hopes of recovering from the slump. But none of those factors looks to happen anytime soon, and that could be bad news for the Reds.

With the cloud of administration looming large over the club's future, there seems to be no escape for Liverpool. Going into administration would mean a minimum of nine points deducted, if not more. With Liverpool already at the bottom of the league, such a deduction will only increase its chances of staying at the bottom for a longer period.

As happened in the case of Portsmouth last season, the points deduction took Portsmouth so much to the bottom that they failed to come back even after trying valiantly. Liverpool should have learned from Pompey, and tried to win as many points as they could before anything as such happened. But in their current form, it seems they are set to lose further few points if not a miracle happens.

Will this season, see the fall of a top European club? Could this be the club's last season in the top-tier of English football? Will the club face the same troubles as Pompey? Will it be the end of Liverpool's dynasty?

Only the end of this month and the end of the season will provide the answer to that. But if new owners are not found, then it seems quite impossible to stop the club's descent into championship football which will be a shame for English football and world football as well.