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Ever pay attention to the ads on Facebook?  Most people don't, but I do.  In fact, I report/rate every ad I see on my page whether I find it uninteresting (most), misleading (some, especially MLM offers), offensive (none), repetitive (many), or irrelevant (which I fill out in the "other" field).

Why do I do this?  Does it make a difference?  Well, they say that over time, the information helps to deliver ads which are more relevant to me.  Having a past in the social networking and interactive marketing fields, I am fascinated by geeky things like this.  Sometimes I'll add something to my profile just to see how the ads are updated and tailored to me with the addition of the new profile information, as well as how often.  I've created ads on Facebook with varying levels of success depending on the content and to whom the ad is tailored.

Have you ever clicked on a Facebook ad?  How often?  I've clicked on a small handful of ads in the past, and a portion of those brought me to useful sites.  One of those that I recently saw advertised on Facebook was a Ning-created social network called BurnTheShips.org, described as "The Social Network for Go-Getters".  "Burning the ships" refers to Hernán Cortés.  In 1519, after leading his 11 ships and 700 men into unknown territory, ordered them to burn all the ships.  Cortés had no idea what he and his men would find in their expeditions, but by "burning the ships" he removed their option of going back.  As a result, this created a powerful desire to succeed.

I like this premise.  Too often in life, through college or our early professional careers, we always have a backup plan or something we can fall back into.  With the advent of social networking sites like LinkedIn, pretty much everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that could help find you a new job if needed.  Think for a moment though how you would feel if you had no backup plan.  A lot of individuals that I meet seem somewhat complacent in their position in life (personally and professionally).  Very few of them have that burning desire.  It's as if they're satisfied with the status quo.

For some individuals in this economic climate, especially those who are unemployed, having a job is pleasing to them.  For others, they simply don't have a desire to do something better than average.  I'm not here to judge anybody's situation, because I don't have the time to be concerned or worried about the decisions that somebody else makes or what they strive to achieve in life.  However, for those of us that do, there are those moments where every momentary burst of motivation drives us even further than we thought we could go.

That's where BurnTheShips comes into play.  Featuring a variety of motivational quotes, videos and blogs from forward-thinking, highly successful individuals in business, sports and entertainment, it's a little like adding fuel to the fire for somebody like me.  Although the site is in its beginning stages, more and more user-submitted content is being added weekly.  My only complaint is the excessive sloppiness on some parts of the site when it comes to spelling, grammar and formatting.  But hey, I'm not going to judge this "book" by its cover since I like the content, and again, the site is still young.

So for those of you (like me) that can't get enough motivational quotes or stories about how certain individuals succeeded in the face of insurmountable odds, check out the site.  I'm sure if you're anything like me, you'll find at least a few juicy tidbits to add to your permanent cerebral "bank account" to help you grow, advance and succeed.

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