WWE Hell In a Cell Results: Daniel Bryan Makes The Miz Tap Out, Again

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

Folks, I am sitting in a resturaunt/bar, watching Hell In A Cell, and watching Miz getting his ass whipped.

I never want to hear that, he didn't tap out. Second time, that, he has tapped out to Daniel Bryan, and the LeBell Lock.

And I never want to hear that it was a fluke, when Daniel Bryan won the US Title from the Miz.

This was a Triple Threat Submissions match where the submissions count anywheres. Also anything and everything goes.

Wrestling fans, it was a physically brutal match. Miz made it personal. No matter what he or Morrison did, Bryan wasn't going to stay down.

From the opening bell, all three competitors, were on fire. They all wanted that title, and would do anything to get it.

And they .did exactly that. The Miz and Morrison took it out into the stands throwing each other into the arena stairs, into barricades, and Bryan soon joined them.

He was thrown down stairs, body slammed. This match was exhilerating. You could see traces of pain as they put their bodies through hell. They were in the right place for that.

The three competitors were on the steel stage. Miz Threw Bryan onto, what looked like a dumpster and rolled it into a barricade.

Morrison climbed the the light grid, onto the light scaffle and jumped a good 10-12 feet, landing on both morrison and Bryan.

The three superstars laid on the steel stage. Morrison had Miz in ankle lock. Out of nowheres, Alex Kelly ran out, knocked Morrison off of Miz, and onto the floor.

Daniel Bryan got up, ran over to Riley, pushed him into the cameraman, Riley landed on his back. He ran back to Miz and put him in the LeBell Lock. MIZ TAPPED OUT!!!

He TAPPED OUT!!!! Now maybe, just maybe, the WWE Universe, will believe, Daniel Bryan didn't win that title as a fluke, but because of, him being the champion that, he really is.