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WWE Hell in a Cell Results: 9 Things We Learned From Randy Orton's Win

John KindelanAnalyst IIIDecember 6, 2016

WWE Hell in a Cell Results: 9 Things We Learned From Randy Orton's Win

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    Hell in a Cell 2010 has come and gone, and The Viper stands high above on the cage, title still in hand. But what does this victory for Randy Orton mean in the bigger scale of things, and what did this match show us?

    Lets break down the moves, the kickouts, and the crowd, how did all of these play a factor?

    The cage, the stairs, and how did the controversial former champion Sheamus hold up in his first Hell in a Cell?

    Lets take a look at 10 things we learned from this match and Randy Orton's win.

The Cell Factor

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    The use of the cell in this match was not as big as its been in other matches and it really played no factor.

    In the past we've seen Mick Foley go through the top, we've seen Edge spear Taker through the side, but with this match up we pretty much just saw the basics.

    Randy drove Sheamus into the cell wall a couple of times, we had the traditional face scrape on the cell, but that was about it.

    They kept blood out of the match, which in my opinion, for a PPV shouldn't have to be the case. If I'm paying for the match and its not broadcast on cable, the PG rules can go out the window.

The Steel Stairs

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    Both sets of stairs were a far greater advantage and weapon used than the cage itself.

    They were tossed, they were driven into, and they were fallen upon, the steel stairs were the most dominant thing in this match.

    Each of the participants felt the unforgiving cold steel smash into them at some point, or at several points throughout the match.

    A powerslam from Randy to Sheamus onto the steps, Sheamus dropping Randy gut first onto the steps, and in the end it was an assist from the stairs that led to Randy's victory.

Sheamus Knows Submissions

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    Throughout the bout Sheamus focused on Orton's mid-section and ribs.

    Knees, kicks, punches, drops on the ropes, drops on the stairs constantly working the champ's torso to wear him down.

    At mid point in the match he locked on a submission that could be described as a sitting bear hug, the 270-pound Celtic Warrior laid on the squeeze and attempted a submission end to this match.

    While normally this might incite a chant of "BORING" the constant working of the area, and calculated attack of Sheamus made it make sense, and Orton's ability to sell just about anything kept what was already a meek crowd in tune.

The Psychology

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    This match was to be the culmination of the feud between Orton and Sheamus, and while it did have a definitive ending via a clean pinfall it also did something else.

    Orton may have been the youngest superstar to ever become the WWE champion, he spent time going after the Intercontinental belt and moving up the ranks to get to that spot.

    Sheamus however came to WWE, and was quickly put into the main event, and soon thereafter became the WWE champion in one of the fastest pushes to the main event scene ever. With his quick rise to power many of his matches were that of controversy.

    His first win against John Cena where Cena fell through the table, rather than being thrown through it sparked the beginning of many an odd win for Sheamus.

    And even though the Red Hand of Ireland wasn't raised at the end of this match, Sheamus did in fact put on a good match. He isn't the most technical wrestler or a high flyer, but he uses his strength and size in a way that paired him nicely against the quick, agile Orton. 

    This will all hopefully help Sheamus not go the route of Jack Swagger, one minute champion and top guy on the show, the next, not seen on television for several weeks.

Sheamus Is The New Superman

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    The chatter of "Cena sucks because he's Superman" is constant. 

    The last PPV he took a DDT on the outside of the ring and then got up and kept going.

    But what do we have here?

    Sheamus, legs on the ring apron, horizontal to the floor four feet from the ground below in the clutches of Randy Orton, whom is ready to deliver his devastating DDT normally seen done from the ropes into the ring.

    BOOM, the DDT hits and while the two are on the ground and Sheamus is dazed, he rolls over and gets up on his own accord and continues the match.

    Now he didn't jump to the air, and start puffing air out of his cheeks, point the finger and scream "YOU!" he did get up and continue.

    Apparently, more than one superstar hails from the planet Krypton in the WWE Universe.

Orton Is The New Superman

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    Chair shot after chair shot after chair shot pounding on Orton so hard that his feet came off the mat, see the shadow under his boots?

    Sheamus attacked Orton viciously, and mind you this was well into the match and after he had already been attacked several times by the steps and had his ribs worked on for quite some time.

    However, he kicked out.

    Apparently Mr. Cena has been handing out some vitamins in the back or in a PG era not only is there no blood when your hit with stairs, you can take a full on beating with a steel chair and still rise your arm before a three count.

    Will we hear complaints of this match from the IWC? Did Sheamus and Orton push the envelope a bit too far with not selling attacks that would normally end a match? Highly unlikely,

    Orton for some reason gets a pass on his antics and drama in the ring, his popularity and the fact that he was heel allows for him to get away with things Cena would not.

The Crowd Plays a Factor

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    If you've ever been to a live event you know that if your sitting in a 'good section' the entire card is much more exciting. Chants, boos, shouts of "2!" can change the entire experience of being at a live show.

    But if your in an area where people are sitting, talking to one another, getting up to go get snacks, or texting friends commenting on the match, you've seen how that lackluster attitude can make what should be a good match seem very boring.

    There were times during this match where you wondered if the crowd got up and left. The background noise seemed to be more of subway chatter rather than the roar of a live sporting events crowd.

    No wrestling match should have that effect on the crowd, each superstar should be putting on a show to the point of having every fan on the edge of their seat.

    This match didn't have that. There are no stand out spots or moments where today we will recall and say, "did you see that part in the Orton match where blah blah blah happened". 

    The previous match of The Miz vs. Morrison vs. Bryan got more of a reaction from the crowd because they actually did have spots you could call back to, where this match had none.

    This match for all purposes didn't even need to be in the cage, the cage as I stated in the previous slide had little to no bearing on the match and because of this you lost the crowd's attention, thus making the match seem far more lackluster.

Who's Next For Orton?

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    We have a mere three weeks to the next ppv, but with it being Bragging Rights, a battle between Raw and Smackdown who will face the champion at the next big event?

    Possible candidates:

    Kane vs. Orton - the two champions meet in a non-title match to promote the battle between the two shows. But a match such as champion vs. champion should be reserved for Wrestlemania and those two combatants have no history that would support any type of grudge.

    Orton vs. Nexus Cena - Will Wade Barret insist that the newest member of Nexus go after Orton to gain the title and bring gold to the group?

    Orton vs. Sheamus one more time? Its not unheard of, a match after what was supposed to be the culmination and end of a feud brings on ONE more match.

    Return of the Game? Would Triple H be ready to come back and go for the title? It will be hard to have him return and go heel to Orton being the new good guy. Everyone loves Triple H and whenever you return from an injury you usually get a big pop and cheer.

    He'd have to instantly do something despicable to get the jeers of the crowd. But what of the heat between Sheamus and Triple H, maybe a triple threat match to allow for Hunter to not have so much action in the ring on his return?

Where Does Sheamus Go?

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    If he's not going after the title and Triple H isn't around, who does the Celtic Warrior battle next?

    Does he drop down and go after the US title and take on Daniel Bryan? Seems like a far fall, but then again talk to Jack Swagger about that.

    Its not unthinkable in WWE to have someone be world champion one day, and then the next you have them partnering up with Luke Gallows.

    Sheamus may be in danger of culture shock very soon and find himself cutting promos in hopes of having someone step up to the plate and meet the challenge of the fallen champion.

    No 10th slide? What more need be said? 

    Lets leave that to you the readers, what did you think of the match and where do you see the two champions going from here?

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