Jay Culter Injury: What a Concussion Means for the Bears and Their QB

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 03:  Aaron Ross #31 of the New York Giants sacks Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 3, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Do you remember those old school sci-fi movies, that featured an epic laser battle, only to see the hero emerge as the victor surrounded by a cloud of smoke and special effects?

If not, the Chicago Bears should have reminded you of this epic example of cinematography, as it appears Lovie Smith's men have now emerged from the smoke screen, and have been highlighted for who they really are in the league right now.

Prior to Chicago's visit to New Meadowland's Stadium on Sunday night, the Bears of course had the momentum pendulum swinging their way.  With a 3-0 record in hand, a trip to the problem plagued New York Giants seemed like a surefire win for the Bears, considering that Big Blue has seen the likes of serious run game issues, with Brandon Jacobs still acting out of line.

But to relate the game back to cinema once again, what unfolded on the slippery and cold surface in New York wasn't all that predictable, and as a result a Steven King like twist unfolded on the field, as the Giants managed to prove to everybody that their defense is still one of the best in the league.

Upon entering the game, New York weren't set out to have an ideal day in terms of sack numbers.  With sack machine Mathias Kiwanuka sitting out injured, much of the defensive plays came down to the likes of Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, which turned out to be favorable after their impressive night.

At the end of it all, many New York players were left satisfied by the games outcome, and as it stands Osi Umenyiora wound up with 3 sacks, along with Justin Tuck, and Barry Cofield with 1.5. 

Therefore, it's fair to say that Tom Coughlin's pink cheeks were even brighter on Sunday night after this performance, along with the fact that he may have wanted to fit in a little with the breast cancer awareness pledge that surrounded New York.

However, for all of the Giants' impressive plays, one big time factor stood out on Sunday night, and for once it wasn't Jay Cutler's interception ratio that got fans talking, it was his high number of sack rates and devastating concussion that was to follow.

In a day that had seen Michael Vick hit the turf with a bone crunching rib injury, a concussion to Jay Cutler was the last thing head coach Lovie Smith wanted to see. When number 6 hit the turf in one of the most awkward ways imaginable, most of the Bears coaching staff had realized the situation, and took necessary action during the halftime period.

To relate back to Philadelphia once more, memories of Kevin Kolb's absence in Week 1 began to flood in for fans at home, and now the question must be asked of Jay Cutler's health, ahead of the Bears Week 5 clash with the Carolina Panthers.

So what does this all mean for Chicago's starting man?

Well firstly, it automatically means that Jay Cutler is far from what we thought he was.  As much as the Bears offensive line could be blamed for the Giants Madden 11 like sack fest, Jay Cutler's tendency to hold onto the football cost Chicago real estate, and in the end also cost them their starting quarterback.

As for the concussion, Jay Cutler's status is still unknown.  It is almost funny to think that the NFL has only just now become aware of how dangerous head injuries are, and in all likelihood Jay Cutler will be at the very least benched as a precaution for next week's showdown in Carolina.

Yet as disappointing as this blow must be for Chicago, the fact that the team no longer has a suitable back up is even more scary. 

Following on from Jay Cutler's second half absence, replacement Todd Collins stepped into the starting role, only to pass for 4 of 11 attempts, 36 yards and 1 touchdown.  Unfortunately though, this was the very least of Collins' concerns, seeing as though he too managed to hit the ground in a very concerning manner.

The injury to Jay Cutler could quite possibly mark the demise of the Bears right now.  Sure, great talent still lurks on the defensive and offensive side of the ball, but without their main leader under center, this team will notably struggle against some of the leagues weaker opponents.

Not only is this a concern for The Windy City, it is also a wake up call for every team.  As lucky as the Philadelphia Eagles were to have Michael Vick willing and waiting, it is now blatantly obvious that concussions can occur at the drop of a hat, and if a suitable back up is nowhere to be found, a team may have to kiss goodbye to a handful of wins.

In terms of the New York Giants demeanor, some may not be a fan.  Until the final whistle the Giants defense was intent on continuing their dominance, and although the W was firmly in hand, Big Blue really showed that they can land some ground and pound on just about any passer.

As for the Chicago Bears, the Panthers now await.  This isn't an overly tough test, but it will become immensely concerning if Jay Cutler is benched for Week 5.  As mentioned, teams like to take the precaution, and even though the Bears may fall to 3-2, there's no worthwhile reason to start Cutler in an unfit state.

Keep an eye on this story as the week unfolds, because it promises to be interesting.  For now though, the Bears are playing the part of the down and out Rocky Balboa, so let's wait and see if they have some fight left in the tank, with or without Jay Cutler.

Embarrassment in New York? 

Quite possibly, but the Giants defense simply wreaked havoc on a very unstable offensive line, and more importantly left the Kansas City Chiefs as the only 3-0 team remaining in the league.


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