WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Results: John Cena Joins The NeXus

Matt GuyettContributor IOctober 3, 2010

Cena in Nexus colours
Cena in Nexus colours

On a Night of shocks there is no doubt the biggest came midway through the PPV (Hell in a Cell) that was due to the fact that John Cena, The face of the WWE joined the Nexus. Watching this happen was shocking but here are the main factors if what happened and thoughts: 



After match 1(US Title match) an advertisement for the upcoming PPV Bragging Rights showed. In this Wade Barrett was the main focus talking about the NeXus. Now, seeing that moments ahead he'd be taking on John Cena and putting the stable on the line didn't this make it a bit obvious?

The Match Itself

The match surprisingly was probably the best of the night with Cena putting up a fight and Barrett looking main event stuff but also the factor of the massive riot that occured once NeXus came to ringside but didn't intefere. WWE superstars came running out to protect Cena and due to this the match would seem to be fair right?

The Outcome

WRONG! Because nearing the end of the match Cena locked in an STF on Barrett who tried climbing to the ropes. However a " fan " came running to ringside and grappled with the ref disturbing the submission. During this tussle another " fan " made his way through the barriers and hit Cena with an Iron pole. Barrett pinned Cena for the 3 count. Cena had joined the NeXus and was gutted.


Many people are trying to figure out who hit Cena and grappled with the ref but let me take you through the main guilty parties. Back in early September the show, NXT was in its second series. The final took place between Michael McGillicuty and Kaval. The winner was Kaval however in a speech Mcgillicutty spoke about the Genesis of McGillicutty and then the older members of NXT 2 attacked poor little Kaval and now lets zoom into October the 3rd. 

WHO WAS IT? Well if you look the man in Blue looks a lot like... Michael McGillicutty whilst the Red shirted dude is harder but my guess is...