Factors That Make you a Better Fisherperson

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Factors That Make you a Better Fisherperson
I thought I would put this question out there to my fellow fishing bloggers today. How big of a role does motivation play in determining weather or not you catch fish on your next outing? This may not play a role on your fishing trips. It may be that you are just glad to be outdoors and enjoying nature. The outdoors and nature plays a big part for me as well. I also like the challenge of seeing if I can fool that fish into taking my offering. Being competitive has always been apart of my upbringing and to me the fish is my adversary. I love to fool them. I know when I am on the water I use motivation in helping me get that first strike on that particular fly I am using. Not only is motivation a factor for me, when fishing but confidence, focus, and concentration play a big role in weather or not I catch fish on every trip. I think one needs to have confidence in the fly or lure they are using. Being focused is tremendous on your cast, presentation, and lure movement. You will know when you make that great cast and deliver that great presentation of your favorite fly. I call that great cast the sweet spot. I know when I hit the sweet spot of that cast. It’s like WOW did I just make that cast. It takes focus and concentration to perform that sweet spot cast consistently. It takes concentration to work that lure or fly to the point where you mimic that bug to entice that fish to react to your fly. You may never think about some of the factors I have mention while fishing but you actually use all of these on every fishing trip you make. What are the factors that help you have a successful fishing trip?

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