Carl Edwards used to date her

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Carl Edwards used to date her
Yes, once upon a time Carl Edwards use to date Olympic swimming goddess Amanda Beard. Eventually they went their separate ways (I think it was because Carl kept bringing his mommy to all their dates and Amanda found to that be very creepy). So what is Amanda up these days?

Well when shes not choking up at the Beijing Olympics to people twice her age. She can be found teaming up with PETA campaigning against the use of fur in fashion. Well whoopity freaking do. Hey, we're on top of the food chain, you animal hugging freaks, deal with it! While I may support naked chicks, I surely don't support animal rights groups. Animals don't have rights, you know why? Because they don't have the brain power to get up and make a stand, but I'm sure they will in the near future.

So for now take advantage of our furry little friends while you can before they learn to strike back. I know I will and let us hope that Carl will stop listening to his momma's rants about how girls are "the devil" and bag him a nice one. Now excuse me while I go and make myself a nice bacon and turducken sandwhich. Mmmm, taste like america!

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