A Little Tennessee / Eric Berry Wallpaper Action…

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A Little Tennessee / Eric Berry Wallpaper Action…

I found a really sharp looking Tennessee Wallpaper while putzing around over at SECTalk.com which I felt was worth passing along.  This one is a great Eric Berry Wallpaper, which states simply: “See Ball — Get Ball.”  I imagine Joel from RTT will probably end up printing out numerous copies of this one so he can cover the walls of his office.

Anyway, here it is, courtesy of Crusse10 of SECTalk.com:

Click Image for Full Size version

In other news, I have not forgotten about my remodeling project — it continues, just behind the scenes.  One way or the other, everything should begin to change over a bit next week, as I get done with my tweaks and re-design of the Gate.  Hopefully, I’ll find a little time to finish the last few things up this weekend .

Of course, I’ve always been a lazy sort…

– Go Figure …

Image Courtesy of: Crusse10 / SECTalk.com
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