Kenny Dalglish: The Timing Couldn't Be More Perfect For The Return Of The King

Mustafa OzalcinContributor IIOctober 3, 2010

Time for the return...
Time for the return...Anton Want/Getty Images

Liverpool 1 Blackpool 2.

The sooner this result is forgotten the better and the first step in this direction will be for the Board to do the right thing; thank Roy Hodgson for his efforts, terminate his contract with immediate effect and call the only man, who's appointment alone would erase the memories of the passed few weeks from the minds of the players, Kenny Dalglish.

For those not old enough to remember, Kenny Dalglish resigned after one of the most incredible FA Cup ties, on 20th February 1991.  The game against Everton, at Goodison Park, finished 4-4 after extra time.  The emotional pressures of managing the club after the tragic events of Hillsborough had finally caught up with him.  Liverpool have never won a league championship since.  Liverpool have never been the same since.

How ironic, how poetic, how romantic, call it what you will, would it be, if Dalglish were to be appointed tomorrow?  His first game in charge would be the Merseyside Derby...  at Goodison...

There were those that were quick to dismiss his name after the parting of ways with Rafa Benitez, stating reasons such as, "he's been out of the game for too long...", "he wasn't too successful at Newcastle...", none of which carries any real weight.  Kenny Dalglish, like Shankly, like Paisley, IS Liverpool and the fact that he wants the position and would jump at the chance, really doesn't leave any question marks in my mind.

No doubt there will be many names being thrown about in the media for the job, with arguably the most popular candidate being Martin O'neill and there will still be those who will be asking for more time for Roy Hodgson.  No disrespect intended, but I don't believe you need time to beat teams such as Northampton and Blackpool at Anfield.  Which is why time needs to be called now and the job offered to the most popular man ever to wear the red shirt; King Kenny Dalglish.