WWE Hell in a Cell Results: After Loss To Wade Barrett, Whats Next For John Cena?

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIOctober 4, 2010

Few predicted that Cena would lose to Sheamus at the end of 2009. Few predicted that Cena would lose to Wade Barrett last night. And yet in both instances, the WWE has thrown the proverbial curve ball. The ultimate swerve, setting the fans up and then shocking them.

Cena has been expected to take a heel turn for some time. Whether it is marketable during the PG era remains questionable but the WWE has now taken a decision.

Last night's defeat was hardly a conventional one but it was nonetheless a victory for Barrett and his Nexus group. After weeks of rumours that they were being disbanded and released into the WWE as single and tag competitors, Nexus is now a member up and considerably stronger.

However it now raises important questions as to the future of Wade Barrett. Ironically the man who brought Cena into the group now faces a 'Wolfpac' rebellion whereby Cena is expected to challenge for the leadership of the group.

Cena as a heel. It just does not sound right and yet on this week's Monday Night Raw, Cena will be ditching his Lakers Purple for the Yellow of the Nexus.

The t-shirt sales might now start selling.

What direction this now takes is down to creative and exactly how much the WWE wants to turn Cena into the modern day Hollywood Hogan. What is clear is that the PG era is under threat with no obvious replacement in sight. Big Show may be a well over face but he is no Cena.

Love him or hate him, Cena did the fan appreciation side of his character like none other. Its arguable that he may even be the best at that particular duty. That will now change - as with all heels, there can be no positive interaction.

In terms of storylines, this direction is going to be interesting. For the many millions of fans who idolised John Cena, it is a disaster.

It was a brave decision last night by Cena and the WWE, especially with rumours of Orton's imminent heel turn but it should get us watching our screens tonight as Cena officially joins the Nexus. 

A heel turn is a risk, for the likes of Hogan and Hart it worked, for others like Austin it did not and his character lost all momentum. 

What happens now for John Cena?