10 Hottest WAGS Of 2010 Ryder Cup

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2010

10 Hottest WAGS Of 2010 Ryder Cup

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    Golf is a sport that has underrated WAGs.  After all, the beautiful women who are involved with golfers are typically conservative and don't tend to draw much attention. 

    With the Ryder Cup still playing out on Sunday and perhaps even on Monday, there's still plenty of time to check out the women.

    Who's got the hotter WAGs?  Team USA or Team Europe?

    Click to find out.  Here are the top 10 hottest WAGs of the Ryder Cup.

10. Gaynor Montgomerie: Colin Montgomerie

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    Gaynor supposedly met future hubby Colin around 2006, when the pair were set up on a blind date.

    They wedded two years later on the shores of Loch Lomond.

    Why so late in life you ask?

    Gaynor was a widow, who lost her first husband at a young age.

    Colin probably considers himself fortunate that she came back on the market.

    Team USA: 0

    Team Europe: 1

9. Lisa Pavin: Corey Pavin

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    Known as the "Captainess" among the Ryder Cup WAGs, she's the better half of Team USA captain Corey Pavin.

    According to her Avid Golfer profile, Lisa loves to plan galas, make clothing and has a deep love for college football.

    And she roots relentlessly for her alma mater, Iowa University.

    Go Hawkeyes!

    Team USA: 1

    Team Europe: 1

8. Alexandra Browne: Rickie Fowler

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    Alex, as Rickie calls her, has golf bloodlines.

    Her father is Olin Browne, and as faith would have it, they met while they were playing golf.

    Team USA: 2

    Team Europe: 1

7. Diane Antonopolous: Luke Donald

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    The happy couple met while Luke was in college.  She was from Chicago and he was attending Northwestern.

    So, where does an Englishman and a girl from Chicago go to get married?

    Santorini, Greece, of course.  As you tell from her name, she's Greek.

    Team USA: 2

    Team Europe: 2

6. Allison Micheletti: Martin Kaymer

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    Martin Kaymer is only the second German ever to win a major championship title.

    After Kaymer won this year's PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, Allison rewarded him with a big bear hug.

    Lucky guy.

    Team USA: 2

    Team Europe: 3

5. Holly Sweeny: Rory McIlroy

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    Although there has been a few golf interviews that say that McIlroy's girlfriend, Holly is very timid and has a tendency to shy away from the spotlight.

    But there's plenty of of photos out there that make her out to be a pretty outgoing, fun-loving kind of girl.

    Don't believe me?

    Check this one out: Holly Sweeney

    Team USA: 2

    Team Europe: 4

4. Christina Zimmer: Jeff Overton

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    Even standing next to a former cheerleader, Christina looks pretty hot.

    With her by his side, boyfriend Jeff Overton is also going through a hot streak.

    He's made the Ryder Cup team and tied for 11th place in this year's Open Championship.

    Team USA: 3

    Team Europe: 4

3. Kandi Harris: Hunter Mahan

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    Kandi is indeed a former cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and she's also quite a good-luck charm for Hunter Mahan.

    He went on to win the Waste Management Open title when Kandi ran back to the car and got him a back-up driver to replace his broken one before teeing off on No. 3.

    She was also there when he went on to win the WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

    Two PGA Tour wins in one year is a pretty big deal; no wonder he proposed to her.

    Team USA: 4

    Team Europe: 4

2. Amy Mickelson: Phil Mickelson

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    Mrs. Lefty almost always deserves a place on the top of hot golf WAGs.

    This couple who first met at Arizona State University has not exactly had a perfect marriage.

    There have been rumors of affairs, and they've even had to go through Amy's big cancer scare, but they've figured out a way to work things out and are still together.

    Team USA: 5

    Team Europe: 4

1. Elin Nordegren:Tiger Woods

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    Yes, Elin is no long married to Tiger.

    But that's no reason to leave her off the list.  Elin is one of the hottest golf WAGs in history.

    No matter how many mistresses Tiger hooks up with, it won't matter.

    They won't match up to his wife.

    Team USA: 6

    Team Europe: 4