2011 NFL Mock Draft Version One: Where Is Locker?

James ClimitContributor IOctober 2, 2010

Andrew Luck, the number one overall pick.
Andrew Luck, the number one overall pick.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1) Cleveland Browns: Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

The number one drafting rule, if you do not possess a franchise QB, and you get the chance to take one, you take one. Even though the Browns drafted Colt Mccoy last year, there is no way they will be able to pass on Luck. Luck is one of the highest graded QB’s by many in the past 10 years. Luck has the prototypical measurements for a QB, good footwork, a pocket presence, above average arm strength, a good touch and is a great leader. All traits of which are necessary to lead this team to meet the Holgren standard.

2)    St. Louis Rams: AJ Green, WR Georgia

After investing so much in their new franchise QB, Mr. Sam Bradford, it’s time the Rams get a decent target to help him make the big plays they need. The Ram’s will give Bradford the best receiver entering the NFL in recent memory, AJ Green. Green, will open the running game by demanding a double team, while he still making plays. Green has outstanding balance and body control, great hands, size and 4.4 speed, he alone will be able to drastically improve their offense giving it great potential for the future.

3)    Buffalo Bills: Marcell Dareus, DE Alabama 

That means they will likely make the same mistake this year and pass on Ryan Mallett for the top defensive player this year, Marcell Dareus. Dareus, the defensive end from Alabama is known for his outstanding performance in the BCS bowl taking Colt Mccoy out of the game and intercepting his replacement’s pass for a TD can immediately make the Bills D-line respectable at worst. If Tyson Jackson can go 3rd, can’t Dareus who is a lot more talented who possesses an unbelievable amount of upside go 4th? With his extremely quick first step, size and strength, and unbelievable mobility for his size. He will instantly become a fan favorite and a top 3-4 end in the NFL.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Patrick Peterson, CB LSU

Patrick Peterson has the ability to become a Revis type corner who will drastically improve the Buc’s D. He has all the traits shown in those CB’s, with his physical style, strength and long arms to jam and reroute receivers at the line of scrimmage. The quickness, deep speed, fluid hips and short-term memory shut down any receiver. The ball skills to make an impact like Charles Woodson did. Lastly the strength, and desire to play the run and make a difference in all face’s of the game. Not to mention he has the experience covering all the top wide receivers playing in the SEC, for example top 10 picks AJ Green and Julio Jones.  He is a difference maker not seen very often who will immediately change the Buc’s D.

5)    Jacksonville Jaguars: Jonathan Baldwin, WR Pittsburgh

Even Julio Jones and Malcolm Floyd are both rated higher, after seeing Gene Smith’s inaugural performance in the 2010 draft; I know how crazy him and his draft board are. Smith took a fringe first round target, Tyson Alualu with the 10th overall pick, when he could have taken Dan Williams. Williams is a far better tackle and prospect that would be the perfect replacement for John Henderson who carries a similar stature and ability to stop the run.  But back to Baldwin, though he isn’t a top prospect like Jones or Floyd, he still is a good player who has the height, hands and speed to play like a poor man’s Plaxico Buress for the Jags. 

6    Seattle Seahawks: Robert Quinn, DE North Carolina 

We all know the future QB, LT, WR, S and LB’s but we can’t even imagine how Seattle will get any pressure not to mention a sack with no impact players at that position. Since Kerney’s retirement and trading away Jackson and Tapp, Seattle doesn’t even possess backup quality ends. But that was all before picking Robert Quinn, one of the best pass rushers in recent memory; he has the talent and physical ability to play like former Tarheel Julius Peppers who he has often been compared to. 

7) San Francisco 49ers: Christian Poder, QB, Southern Florida-

The 49ers aren’t going anywhere until they get their QB, Alex Smith isn’t right for them and never will be, but Poder will so change things for the organization.

8)    Detriot Lions: Anthony Castonzo, OT

Playing in a division filled with freakish pass rushers, the Lions need to protect young Stafford from the nightmares he faces playing in a division with Clay Mathews, Jared Allen, and Julius Peppers. With Anthony Castonzo, the Lions get a outstanding blindside protector who can give Stafford time in the pocket and protect him from the nightmares he faces every week for the next 10 years.

9)    Denver Broncos: Cameron Heyword, DE Ohio State

Jarvis Green, the former Patriots backup is not starting material, not even for the wanna be Patriots, the Denver Broncos. The Broncos need Cameron Heyword desperately, their whole defensive line over 30 years old and are not the immovable wall they should be. Heyword not only brings ability now, he also brings stability for the lines future. Heyword not only a great player, he also has a great attitude and has no off the field issues, a perfect fit for any McDaniels coached team.

10) New England Patriots (From Oakland): Julio Jones, WR Alabama

Thinking about the Patriots receivers a couple questions usually arise that determine their future. Is Wes Welker ever going to be the same? Is Randy Moss really 33? And whom will the future quarterback of the New England Patriots throw to? The incredibly athletic Julio Jones is the answer to all those questions and more. He gives the patriots a great 3 deep receiving core for now and insurance for tomorrow.  

11) Arizona Cardinals: Prince Amaukara, CB  Nebraska 

I can’t even remember the last time Arizona had 2 starting quality CB’s. With newly picked Prince and Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, both who are quality shut down corners, imagining about their future pass D is scary. But that is even before thinking about the pressure they will get with Cambell and Docket, and their outstanding ball hawking safeties Kerry Rhodes and Adrian Wilson, it will be hard to picture their shoot out against the Packers years ago.

12) Chicago Bears: Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame

Last season, Cutler proved his worth lacking top receivers, and it was not pretty. To get him to the level the Bears expect they will need to get him a Marshall type player. Bring in Michael Floyd, the physical, 6-3 possession receiver whose incredible body control and ball skills will be able to emulate Marshall on the field.

13) Washington Redskins: Mark Ingram, RB Alabama

Washington’s “Triple Threat” backfield did not end up working as Shannahan had dreamed. Neither Parker, Portis nor Johnson are not going to be a franchise player soon or at least average 4 yds a carry. That’s where Ingram fits in, a heisman trophy winner who has been compared to Emmit Smith. He has the ability to take control and actually make plays for the running game, which we know Washington hasn’t had for a long time. Don’t be surprised to see the ‘skins draft a NT to replace the troubled Haynesworth.

14) Carolina Panthers: Jurrell Casey, DT USC

Jurrell Casey is the perfect start for the transition on the Panthers D-line. Using his active hands, swim move and his quickness off the snap, he spends all his time in the backfield making plays. Due to his limited size (6-1) he loses versatility which made him slide to 14 and will not fit at 5 technique DT. His limited size may take away his impact against big running backs, but by using his gifts he will greatly improve the passing defense and will bring many tackles for loss to the D.

The only thing holding the Texan’s back from the AFC division title, a playoff birth or that held them back from their first winning season for 10 years is… PEYTON MANNING. In case you didn’t know Peyton Manning is the quarterback who picks apart their defense every time they play guaranteeing them 2 losses a year. But if the Texans ever want to pass mediocrity, picking ball hawking safety, DeAndre Mcdaniel is a good start. He would shut down Dallas Clark in man coverage or support his corner on a deep route. He would basically add a center field, ball hawk player to their D with his instincts, speed and ball skills, which can bring the Texans to fame.

16) Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Austin, DT North Carolina

Marvin Austin a top 10 pick before his suspension, fits the Bengal’s draft scenario perfectly, an outstanding athletic specimen filled with potential and upside. The 6-3 305 3 technique, Austin plays and talks like a young Haynesworth, a physical marvel who has not yet played up to standards, who is extremely inconsistent and has a terrible attitude (suspended indefinently all year). But may be able to make the outstanding impact Haynesworth can make on the field (if he ever gets there). . The Bengal’s will look at him through orange colored glasses (like all draft picks) seeing a young Haynesworth and won’t be able to pass him up.

17) Tennessee Titans: Allen Bailey, DT Miami

Allen Bailey is the perfect under tackle. He has unbelievable athletic ability for a DT, who has the ability to play DE or LB. He uses his unbelievable quickness and hands off the snap to beat his man and get pressure on the QB. On the downside Bailey is undersized and unless he adds muscle he could be ran over, but playing next to Tony Brown and Derrick Morgan great run defenders, he should be fine. On a good day he compares to Chicago tackle Tommie Harris and if he plays anywhere close to his standard, the Titans would have a steal.

18) Philadelphia Eagles: Aaron Williams, CB Texas

How are the Eagles going to cover Bryant, Austin, and Williams or Smith, Nicks and Manningham? Their not, at least not without decent 2nd and 3rd corners and until they do they will continue to be finished third in the division.

19) New England Patriots: Adrian Clayborn, DE Iowa

After boosting the offense and filling their only true need (WR) in picking Julio Jones with the 10th pick, the Patriots boost their weak D-line. Adrian Clayborn will bring a presence they have missed greatly ever since trading Serymore to the Raiders. Clayborn is easily one of the top 3-4 ends possessing a high motor, Size, great lateral and forward agility, violent hands, who can play the run and surprising ability to rush the passer unknown to most 3-4 ends. Clayborn draws red flags with his off field/ character issues which is why he slide but if the Patriots can keep him focused (perfect organization for him) he can be one of the top ends in the league.

20) Atlanta Falcons: Greg Romeus DE North Carolina

It seems like every year the Falcons never are able to apply pressure on the quarterback needed to get sacks and mask their other defensive weaknesses. Which is why their defense is exposed and torn apart every time they play a decent QB but mark my words this will be the last year. Greg Romeus has the potential and all the traits to be the next great pass rusher and luckily he doesn’t carry the “tweener” title, which greatly lowers his potential to bust unlike Jamal Anderson.

21) New York Giants: Don’ta Hightower, MLB Alabama

In the past 5 years, the Giants haven’t had a single linebacker who could stop the run, cover a tight end or even make a positive impact in a game. Thinking back it’s hard to picture that the Giants once possessed the best linebackers of all time. It’s time they go back to the physical football they are used to and get a hard hitting, fiery; passion filled linebacker and this is FINALLY the year they do it. Hightower once considered the other Alabama ‘backer to Rolando Mcclain, that may end up being the better pro prospect. Hightower is an abnormal physical specimen, he is 6-4 260 but still can dance around blockers, make side line to side line plays and can cut on a dime in pass coverage. He also possesses intangibles that coaches love. He is a great leader, that calls the plays, who LOVES to take hit running backs. In short he sounds like a player the Giants would LOVE to have in their locker room at MLB.

22) Minnesota Vikings: Jared Crick, DT Nebraska

The William’s Wall was once as immovable as the Wall of China; the wall could bring pressure like no other. Back in their prime you had a better chance at running through a brick wall then you did through the middle of the Viking’s defense. But then things went down hill when their age started to show and cracks started to appear on the once perfect wall. To fix the wall the Vikings will add another player, Jared Crick who will take away snaps to keep the William’s in their peak when their in and limit fatigue.

23) Kansas City Chiefs: Jerrell Powe, NT Ole Miss

So far this season, the defense has dominated opponents but as of now they do not have a talented NT. The defenses strengths come from their secondary, and their 3-4 ends, but possessing a nose tackle who would demand a constant double team would take this defense to the next level. 

24) Miami Dolphins: Ryan Williams, RB Virginia Tech 

Ronnie Brown has just had his second surgery in the past three years, while Ricky Williams is living the life of a 33-year-old veteran fighting to prove he can still make it in the NFL. The point is they need a new running back, and in comes Ryan Williams, the big, punishing, back who possesses vision and has great cutting ability. Williams has enough experience to prove himself as a high pick but has enough durability to give the Dolphins a runner who can carry the load for the next 8 years.

25) Baltimore Ravens: Deunta Williams, S North Carolina

Just like the Steelers, 6 weeks without Ed Reed will show them how much they need him. Williams’s plays like a poor mans Reed, he plays best in a center field role, making interceptions, shutting down tight ends and slot receivers. 

26) Dallas Cowboys: Joseph Barksdale OT, LSU

The Cowboys have plagued with O-Line issues having issues at LT and RT, they need to draft a tackle. They can’t afford to have line issues, playing in such a physical division with the best pass rushers in the NFL. Barksdale has versatility to play whatever tackle they need him at depending on how Free turns out.

27) Indianapolis Colts: Gabe Camrimi T Wisconsin

As the clock ticks down on Peyton Mannings career, so do the amount of hits he can receive. If Manning was to go down for a week, month or even season, is there anyone else on the Colts who could lead them on offense? They have no running back, and the receivers depend on Manning, those are reasons why the Colts cannot allow anyone to harm Manning and why the Colts draft Gabe Camrimi.

28) San Diego Chargers: Curtis Brown, CB Texas

By trading Antonio Cromartie, the Chargers got rid of a locker room distraction and sacrificed their depth at corner. CB depth is CRITICAL to win in the NFL today, you need at least 3 talented corners or QB’s like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees will eat you alive. Curtis Brown, ANOTHER top defensive back from Texas, who has his playing style compared to Antonio Cromartie but a more talented and surer pick. 

29) New Orleans Saints: Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

We all know how much the Saints love targets for Brees, this year he will get an extremely athletic tight end who will cause mis-matches like Vernon Davis or Antonio Gates.

30) Pittsburgh Steelers: Rahim Moore, FS UCLA

After losing Polamalu for an entire season, the Steelers now know how important a quality safety is to their defensive scheme. The Steelers need to get a replacement for Clark who has started to slow down years ago, and get insurance for Polamalu’s future whether it be for injury or age concerns (he’s 29). Rahim Moore would have no trouble replacing either of the two, he’s big enough to play the run and has 10 interceptions to prove he can play the pass. With his ability to play FS SS, he is tailor made for the Steelers who versatile safeties to mix up the QB.

31) New York Jets: Von Miller, OLB Texas A

To make it to the super bowl the Jets will have to beat the Colts or Chargers and to do that they need to get some pressure on the QB without getting beat deep. Von Miller who lives in backfields by using his unrivaled quickness, speed, intensity, motor and ability to anticipate the snap count. Miller is a sure bet at linebacker who has the proven ability to drop into coverage and has 3-4 experience which is what separates him from the DE 3-4 OLB tweener busts.

 32) Green Bay Packers: Ras-I Dowling CB VirginiaThe Packers have some major questions at CB with Woodson and Harris constantly injured and playing in their mid 30’s. Woodson and Harris can’t last forever on the NFL’s youngest team, it was a surprise they even made it this far. Ras can fill in when their injured (often) and brings insurance incase one retires. He fits the Packers CB mantra well, he’s a big, physical, quick corner who plays the run and the pass.


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