Is Brett Favre Ruining His Career by Returning

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

How about that? Mr. Green Bay is now wearing another form of green. But did he destroy his career with his off season soap drama? I love Brett Favre, as does every football fan. So no I don't think he ruined his career, but I think he came extremely close. We all remember the sentimental Favre who refused to hold back his tears when he announced his retirement, but what was next to come could make any of us true fans vomit. We saw an icon go back and forth causing a media uproar. It was one of the saddest things I ever watched. We heard rumors about secret phone calls to the Minnesota Vikings, basically an auction between Tampa Bay and New York, and bribes by Green Bay to stay retired. "One Life to Live" couldn't make an better episode. Still, after all of that back and forth contemplating he finally ends up on the New York Jets. So the drama is over right? No. Later we find out that Brett still wants some camera time an runs his first penalty lap EVER. So I have to wonder, if he didn't kill his career he must have at least wounded it. I don't know would you give Favre a purple heart for his return?