TNA Bound For Glory 2010, Thoughts and Predictions

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 2, 2010

With Bound For Glory (TNA’s biggest event of the year) just over a week away, I thought It would be fun to have a look at all the matches that have been announced thus far.  Of course with one more Impact before the pay per view itself, things can change.  But for now, lets examine what we know.

The Motor City Machine Guns  vs  Generation Me

     Naturally this will be a good match, as both of these teams are excellent, and as they have proven in the past, can work very well together.  The difference this time around is that Gen Me has turned heel, and attacked both Guns on separate occasions.  But even with The Guns selling an injury, and Gen Me playing up their new bad boy roles, I don’t see the titles changing hands.  Sabin and Shelly waited a long time to win the tag team championships, and the fans are enjoying it, so I expect The Guns to stay champs for a little while longer.

Angelina Love  vs Velvet Sky  vs Madison Rayne  vs  Tara

     Its hard to decide just who I think will walk away with the Knockouts Title after this one is over.  Perhaps I’ll have a better idea of how things will play out after Impact, since the use of “The Beautiful People” title is on the line.  I am guessing that Angelina and Velvet will get the exclusive use of their name back, but then Angelina will lose her championship at B.F.G.  In any event, this shouldn’t be a bad match since we have some decent talent in the ring.  If I was to make a guess on this one, I might go with Lacey, turning on Angelina and Velvet,  and somehow helping Madison regain the Knockouts Title.  So I will go out on a limb and pick Madison to win.

Lethal Lockdown.  Fourtune  vs  Ev2.0

     I certainly hope that this is the end of this feud.  At least that is how this match is being billed.  Don’t get me wrong, I think this will be an all out war, as most of the men in this one are very good at causing great bodily harm.  I just really don’t want to see any more of Tommy Jobber and his “we used to be famous” crew sucking up air time on Impact, when there is much better talent that needs to be used.  That, and Fourtune needs somebody better to work with as well.  Look for Fourtune to get the win, and put Ev2.0 out of its misery.

Monsters Ball.    Abyss vs Rob Van Dam

     This should be totally insane, and ugly.  I am expecting a complete, all over the arena, brawl.  And of course there will be lots of weapons, and blood.  But the biggest question that will be on everybody’s minds while this is going on is, where are “THEY?”  Will they finally make their presence know in this match, or will it take place during the main event?  And when this mysterious “they” are finally revealed, will it be worth all the hype?  But in terms of who will win this one, I will say that RVD will get beaten to a bloody pulp, but still get the win.

Kurt Angle  vs  Mr Anderson  vs Jeff Hardy

     As we saw during the lead up to this one, Angle and Hardy can put on quite a show on their own.  So personally I would have loved to have seen just these two go at it one more time to finally decide who the better man is.  Especially since I am not a big fan of multi person main events.  But I am keeping an open mind because Mr Anderson can be the wild card in a match like this.  But as for who will win?  I keep going back and forth on this one.  It would be interesting to see Anderson cost Angle the match, thus causing him to lose, and be forced to retire.  But with Hardys legal problems still not resolved, I don’t expect him to win the title just yet.  So that leaves Anderson and Angle.  I suppose since this is the big event, and Kurt (who just resigned with TNA for a year) has been doing his all or nothing run for the championship, that the payoff is finally here, and Angle will get the Title.

    Well, thats about it.  Or did I forget something?   Oh yeah, there is that match with Sting, Nash, and Pope facing Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, and a partner to be announced later.  I didn’t actually forget about this one, but I wanted too.  I am a big fan of Sting’s, so I really hate that he is involved in a senseless feud that has been going nowhere for weeks, and is going to be resolved at the companys biggest pay per view, with fans having absolutely no clue as to what is even going on.  But I guess Sting and company will win.

 Final Thoughts.

     On paper, this looks like a very solid card, with the only exception being the six man tag match.  But even that could be salvaged if they can finally explain a few things, and possibly introduce some new talent.  With that issue resolved, and the question of who “they” are finally being explained, maybe we can move forward with some new storylines.   I have heard some rumblings recently of talent from AAA coming in, and Abyss getting his own stable.  So we might get a few surprises at Bound For Glory.  But we’ll just have to wait and see.