NFL Division Preview: NFC South

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

It's now time for the NFC South round up. Lets be honest for a second, they are easily the weakest division in the NFL. So that means that any team could win with a 9-7 record. This year I am going to say that the division winner will have a 10-6 record. I'm climbing on board for the New Orleans band-waggon. They picked up who they needed to in Jeremy Shockey and others. The way I see it as long as Deuce stays healthy and doesn't force Bush to play how he plays by running through the gut of the defence the Saints could be a force to be reckoned with. I have both the Panthers and the Buccaneers finishing at a 9-7 record. Coming in to this season the world has become known of the John Fox dilemma, take the Panthers to the playoffs or take you pink slip. Although I have the Cats just missing a wild card spot, I feel Fox will be safe for at least another year. Now the Buccaneers, on the other hand, will have a disappointing 9-7 record. With all of their QB drama I think they will fold early in the season. Which is sad because the Buccaneers, in my perspective, are the strongest in the NFC South. Finally I end my round up with the Falcons. I see the Falcons in a major rebuilding year, finishing at 4-12. They have already put to much pressure on Matt Ryan, by basically telling him you are the future, you are Vick's replacement. Wrong move, because now what you have is a rookie QB who is expected by everyone in Atlanta to pull off a unrealistic season. So this year I would not count the NFC out, as I predict the Saints possibly making it to the NFC championship game.