Is 3rd Time the Charm for The Ohio State Buckeyes

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

Wow, crazy to think that the Ohio State Buckeyes have had two chances, both against SEC teams, to win the BCS Championship and both times have blown it. The Buckeyes should have beaten Florida and they should have beaten LSU. But did they? No. It seems to me that the Buckeyes are quickly becoming one of those teams that is amazing to watch in the regular season, but when their bowl game comes around they quickly fold. It is embarrassing that a football team with so much potential, year in and year out, just can't seem to finish what they start. Well maybe 3rd times the charm for the Buckeyes. If they can pull a win off in the HUGE USC game then I predict the Buckeyes at least making it to the championship again. But who would they play. It could be another SEC team, maybe Georgia or Florida. It could end up being they have to play USC again in the championship. Whoever their opponent could be, is irrelevant until they prove that for the 3rd straight year they make it to the championship. Then their fate is in their hands. Win or face embarrassment for the 3rd year in a row.