Keshawn Martin Leads Michigan State Out Of Cupcake City

Ryan C. ZerfasContributor IIIOctober 2, 2010

Michigan State's non conference schedule was heavy on empty calories
Michigan State's non conference schedule was heavy on empty caloriesCharley Gallay/Getty Images

A cupcake, in singular form, is good for a delicious sugary buzz and is pretty to look at with frosting, colors, and designs. It just feels good.

However, when enjoyed in multiples can leave one feeling sick and bloated, often curled up on the couch in the fetal position thirsting for the cleansing waters of the nearest great lake.

No. 11 Wisconsin and No. 24 Michigan State share the border of Lake Michigan, but that’s not all they share.

Both teams have over indulged on cupcakes thus far, bloating themselves out to a sugary, yet unfulfilling 4-0 record.

Arizona State and Notre Dame are equally tasteless commodities, such as rice or grits—it’s whatever you desire to add to it.

Where does this leave us for the 330 kickoff today?

Many of the pundits will continue to cite stats. They’ll speak about two teams with dynamic, deep ground games frosted with disciplined no-nonsense quarterbacks, dicing their analysis with huge numbers from their respective jaunts through cupcake city.

Did you know Le’Veon Bell averages 8.3 yards a carry?

With that said, I once dunked a basketball. Perhaps, I should mention it was in a kiddie pool, but it literally knocked the pacifier out of my baby nephew’s mouth like when Kirk Gibson would strike the upper deck facing of ol’ Tiger Stadium.

Let’s not complicate the situation.

This is just a football game with two evenly matched teams. Wisconsin is probably a little better, but Michigan State is at home.

The Spartans will be juiced with the return of Mark Dantonio, while the Badgers will continue to wonder if their coach is a poorly executed Rob Riggle character.

Wisconsin is much better than Michigan State on both side of the line, which NEVER should be underestimated. Huge advantage to the Badgers.

Michigan State is deeper and more skilled at the talent positions, but Wisconsin’s crew regains receiving threats Nick Toon (New York Jet great Al Toon’s son) and David Gilreath from injury. As well as senior signal caller Scott Tolzien, and a dynamic trio of running backs lead by Badger stalwart John Clay, James White and Montee “not Le’Veon Bell of the” Ball.

Slight advantage to Michigan State, but the deficit at the lines is still going to loom large. It’s going to be up to special teams to make some plays—sound familiar Spartan fans?

The X-factor for Michigan State in this game, and any meaningful game for the Spartans is Keshawn Martin.

If Michigan State is going to march through the streets of East Lansing victorious, Martin is going to have to make some plays in the return game. Both defenses are going to be in a position to make plays, but starting field position is the stat to look at during this football game.

Martin is far from a one-trick pony like Mel Gray from the Wayne Fontes, Detroit Lions heyday. Keshawn will be used down the field as bait, circling the field on end-around’s, and possibly chucking the ball down the field as one of many Spartan’s who dabble in quarterbacking.

There is no reason for the playbook to be stagnant. The Spartans have depth and options at every skilled position. Let’s hope it shows up in the stats book Saturday.

Statistically speaking, I enjoy the season 8.3x more when Michigan State takes advantage of their opportunities. With Michigan, Illinois, and Northwestern on the docket, the Spartans have a tremendous opportunity to make some noise early in the Big 10 (err…12) season and even dabble back into the national spotlight.

Get to your nearest television set…stat.