Taking a Hint | Edge Off To SmackDown? SmackDown Thoughts

Matt GuyettContributor IOctober 2, 2010

Edge with the nameplate
Edge with the nameplate

Ok this is probably going to sound so little and pathetic but when I saw it I was jumping to conclusions. Skip to 6:08 of the video. What do you see? The Rated R Superstar on SmackDown yes but not only that but if you watch John Cena's entrance Later on on SmackDown his nameplate is a Raw one now look at Edge's he came out with a SmackDown nameplate. I read into things alot and this is one of them and why would every other Raw superstar have a Raw nameplate and Edge have a SmackDown one? 


Im thinking either they are waiting or he is going there soon. 

Anyway lets talk about SmackDown because I am impressed with all the new technology that it used for instance the nameplates as I have said. They are Superstar styled for instance Rey Mysterio's is masks, Undertaker's is Graveyard themed and Alberto Del Rio's is his entrance type themed. That is impressive and also the new logo. It is similar to that of the 2006-2008 one but has a different motion in which I like because it makes you assume it is based around young stars and pushing them to the biggest level. Now the intro is awesome I mean the theme is wicked because it suits the type of superstars on SmackDown and also the intro itself is wicked because it shows us the main superstars doing there moves in slow motion with added effects.


All in all I think this move to SyFy will be that of a succesful one. SmackDown has a new home and so does my favourite channels.