Does VIck have a Future in the NFL after Prison

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

I'm going to be honest with my readers, this is quite a touchy subject for me. I despise Michael Vick, however I am going to be as impartial as possible. Now we all know that Vick is currently in prison after pleading guilty to pitting pit bulls against each other for gambling fun. If I have learned anything about crimes is that there are only two things not even acceptable by felons. They are people who harm children and animals. If it were up to me Vick would never play football again. If any team were to hire him back they would bring the bad publicity that comes with him. I mean look at Major League Baseball no one will hire Barry Bonds. The reason is because if they were to sign him that publicity would follow right behind him. On the other side, being a Panthers fan, I have had the opportunity to watch Vick in a lot of games. He is impressive and would have been an easy pick as one of the best QBs ever. However we will never know, because of the bad publicity that now hangs over his head for life. If your still not convinced by my article than look at by this retrospect. Say he is drafted by the Falcons and ticket sales start plummeting. The reason? Vick. There is no longer a place in the NFL for Michael Vick, his ship has sailed. Fans are looking to the future now and the future is Vickless. So no I personally don't think Vick has a future.