To Early to Pick Colts as Superbowl Champions?

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

Over the past few weeks I have heard football fan after football fan say that the Colts are already set to win Superbowl 43. However, might I flash everyone back to the last time we thought something would happen to early to tell like maybe the almighty Patriots losing the Superbowl to the G-Men. Yeah our wallets felt that loss. However, I do agree that the Colts are the early favorite chance to win the Superbowl. It will not be an easy road,but with the Colts debuting their new stadium they really have a chance. Honestly, I have the Colts winning almost if not all the games played in their new stadium. No other team has ever played in that stadium. At least the Colts get to practice their weekly. Another reason I believe this is going to be the Colts year is Tony Dungy. If they win it all this year Tony Dungy will retire. That is my opinion and if you don't agree please leave a post stating your opinion. There are some things,though, that the Colts must beat before winning Superbowl 43. They have to defeat the Patriots. More than likely they will once again meet in the AFC Championship, like usual. Also, little known football fact, the NFC has 22 wins in the Superbowl compared to the AFC with only 20. I see some strong NFC teams this year so the Colts had better watch out. But if they get past all of that stuff the Colts should be on the high road to Superbowl celebrations once more in the Tony Dungy era.