Chaos In The Bronx, Yankees Need Lumber!

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

Dear Brian Cashman,

Greetings from the Yankee Faithful.  We are tired of this crap.  Let me be specific.

Andy Pettitte just pitched a five pitch 6th inning and a seven pitch 7th inning.  Don't say he isn't trying.

"Our" offense is offensive.  Sending Melky to minors is not the answer.  You need bats.  You need someone other than Brett Gardner to come up and K. 

Am I getting your attention?

Mr. Cashman, the only person closer to getting fired from the Yankee organization other than the hitting coach is YOU!

Take a look in the mirror.  Call Bonds.  Call Chef.  Get the bats crackin.  Score runs.  Win. 

This is the same game we played as kids, you are just making it SO difficult.