SEC Football: ESPN 2 To Air Television Show Dedicated To Southern Football

DJ BatchlerCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2010

Host's Jay Holgate and Renee Rayles bring you Southern Football TV!  The show is a great mix of football talk and fan speak.  The show will air on ESPN2 at 8:30 on Saturday mornings.  It's a much more intimate experience of SEC football than the bigger productions like College Gameday can offer.

Holgate's appearances on various sports radio shows talking SEC football are covered, and it is not just one or two teams, but every team gets a mention, and if they don't this week, rest assured that they will. Holgate and Rayles can talk football, and the college football experience.  This is truly a great showcase of the atmosphere of SEC, and really college football as a whole.

This weeks episode covered the South Carolina-Auburn showdown and shows up close just how fun tailgating can be.  Southern Football TV mingles with the fans, and doesn't shy away from mixing in the visiting crowd's fans either.

There is also a discussion on Mark Richt and his troubling start to the 2010 season at Georgia with reputable Georgia sports writer Bill King.  King delivers a refreshingly honest and even keel answer about the state of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Be sure to checkout Southern Football TV, Saturday mornings at 8:30 on ESPN2, and go to their website and see what's coming at