Michael Vick Controls His Future

Willie McDuffyContributor IOctober 1, 2010

All eyes are on Michael Vick
All eyes are on Michael VickKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Often times in life we are left to ponder why we made mistakes. These errors in judgement can be handled in closed environments and ironed out with friends and family members. Athletes face a different challenge.

With the media hounding most athletes, they face the daunting task of reversing a negative perception among people in society. In Michael Vick's case, what he did was wrong. He knew it, his family knew it, and people were outraged. 

It was evident early on that he was overwhelmed with wealth and fame.  As often is the case among young athletes who gain large sums of money at an early age, he had a greedy core of people surrounding him.  All of his friends and family were "yes" people. Nobody in his circle was courageous enough to tell him what was truly beneficial to him.

This is common among most athletes, but as Vick has learned this is a recipe for disaster.  Vick's troubles began early on in his NFL career.  His arrogance crippled him as his lies to federal investigator's and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell created a deeper ditch for him to get out.  

Many didn't believe Vick had a shot at changing his image let alone his football career. The Eagles took a chance.  Over the next year, Vick took a backseat to fame and mentally healed.  

Then came this offseason when Vick encountered a setback.  At Vick's 30th birthday party, shortly after leaving, shots were fired.  Though Vick had no connection to the shooting, many criticized.  This setback made him realize he had no more chances.

In the coming months, Vick stayed home, studied his playbook, and worked out.  This latest event showed Vick that his mentality involving friends was over. That if another event occurred, he was done, cut from the Eagles, and banned from the NFL.  

Vick is a changed man.  Nobody can argue that he isn't.  His commitments to PETA and his constant visits to youth organizations about dog fighting take a front seat to football. Football has become a hobby, one that will essentially get him out of debt and back to financial serenity.  But it also gives him peace of mind.

Most want Vick to become a better person off the field and succeed on it.  He knows he was wrong, we all do. His latest success is just another chapter in how this story will end.  Ultimately, Vick will script the ending.