NASCAR Media-Whine: Media Complaints Of NASCAR Race Length Self-Serving

Rib Calhoun Jr.Contributor IOctober 1, 2010

DARLINGTON, SC - SEPTEMBER 25:  David Pearson does media interviews during the Darlington Historic Racing Festival at Darlington Raceway on September 25, 2010 in Darlington, South Carolina.  (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images)
Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images

If there's one thing race fans don't want, it's less racing, less time at the track, and less excitement.

So why are the national media continually whining about shortening races?

In what is quite certainly another sign that the Media elites are completely out of touch with most regular folks, and what has become only second to harping --rightfully so-- on the Chase, the Media in the past two years have been continually pushing a not-so-subtle agenda to the NASCAR bigwigs of shortening race lengths.

The idea, presumably, stems from the major television players who are trying to pigeon hole NASCAR races into nice three hour programming slots with which to control their production costs and advertising rates. Therefore, columnists and pundits within those organizations are feeding the race loving public with a constant barrage of media pushing the "downside" of unknown lengths of racing and the "benefits" of a shorter race.

Because race fans want less racing, right?

Of course, they always give some concessions in the worst idea since the Rear Wing; They'll let Daytona, the 600 and Indy stay the way it is, but make everything else 400 miles. And with every new "shorten the races" article out there, the hope seems to be that the "pressure" that the ever growing list of stories on this "topic" creates will finally move NASCAR to do just such a thing.

My question is whether the fans would get a 1/5th price cut on their tickets since they'd be getting 1/5th less a race? And would the Media --since it was their idea in the first place-- pay the fans the difference if not?

Of course, we know they won't because, obviously, this isn't about the fans. All these cries for shortening races are about nothing but the bottom line for those media conglomerates. Yet to try and sway NASCAR's public opinion by continually bringing up the length of races is making more of a mockery of the media than it already currently is in this land. A recent poll found that more than the majority of americans completely distrust the Media and you can see why: the media's job is to report the news, not attempt to push their own agenda upon the public --something they do every day-- and this constant calling for less race time is nothing less than that.

But for all the attention this non-topic is getting, we can be sure of one thing: If NASCAR actually listens to them and shortens races, those same people tuning out the National Media will tune out NASCAR in even greater numbers. Then they'd have something to write about.

Which, in actuality, might be another reason their pushing it:

Because who else but Media likes to start fires, only to turn and write about the burning as if they never lit the match?