Christian: His Peeps are still waiting

Leonel DeleonContributor IOctober 1, 2010

Searching For His Rightful Spotlight
Searching For His Rightful Spotlight

Captain Charisma Christian is in my opinion top 10 in WWE talent today. He can put on a good match, cut good promos, has great charisma, and that personal “it” factor to him that many superstars lack to get them over. So what’s wrong? Well ever since Christian went from the WWE organization to TNA and finally back to WWE, he has been in the dog house. Vinnie Mac is not too fond of him and doesn’t feel he is a main eventer. Vince McMahon is the chairman of the company, and calls the shots around. He manages his company the way he chooses. While some would say, how can you argue with the result of the company being very successful overtime thanks to his leadership, and some would say that Vinnie is not perfect and is not always expected to make decisions that appeal to all crowds. THE PG RATING is one example but that argument is for another time.

                Christian since coming back to the WWE, has been is mid-card feuds with Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, and recently had a short lived feud with Alberto del Rio. Don’t get me wrong, these names that I have mentioned are not jobbers themselves, but Christian deserves better. Christian is not a mid-carder and many eyes and deserves to be a world champion. Some might say that Christian having a successful return is because Vince felt he should not have gone to TNA, and gave them publicity in the process.

                Christian is currently injured, with a broken pectoral muscle, and will probably be out of action on Smackdown and will likely be back by January. Which brings me to my next point: How smart would creative look, by booking Christian to win the 2011 Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble the past 4 years has been won by established stars (Undertaker, John Cena, Edge, and “The Viper” Randy Orton). Christian would finally establish himself as a true main event star, and all his mid-card slumps would be gone.

 It would be a good storyline that if developed right, could make the main event at WrestleMania 27 worth seeing. With talk about the major title being unified, it would make the main event that much special. Can we imagine Christian being the first unified World Champion on the grandest stage of them all? I can. With all the talk about John Cena being next in line to challenge taker at mania that would be a great match and would have a great build. The streak is a match to tune in for MANIA every year. Why would WWE creative put the titles in the mix. This would make MANIA as a whole feel mid-cardish compared to the taker and CENA match. Why not have Christian win the rumble, eliminate Edge as the last man, set up their mania match, and bring back all of the TLC history from the past. This would result in great WWE PROMO’s from both men, and finally give us the match that many have been waiting for.



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