Redemption for Pats?

Andrew BakerContributor IAugust 15, 2008

     February 4th, 2008, a day for morning amongst Patriots fans.

     In case you have absolutely no idea what that sentence means because you have been living under a rock, it was the day after the stunning and quite entertaining defeat of the Patriots by the Giants in Superbowl 42. To catch you up, the New England Patriots entered the Superbowl at an unprecedented 18-0, having not lost once in the entire season. But in the what many have named one of the greatest Superbowl's and upsets of all time the Pats finally fell to the pressure of being perfect. So whats next for the Patriots? Well thanks to the Brett Favre soap opera spy-gate is no longer the problem. In fact, the only thing the Patriots are focused on now is REDEMPTION.

     Yes, I said REDEMPTION, and every team whether played by the Pats or not had better be scared. Now I doubt very seriously any of us will ever see what we saw last season, but based off of how strong the Patriots are and their schedule I am sure they will be 13-3. I have them as the best team in the NFL like so many other NFL fans do. They earn the bye week in the playoffs, but do they make it to Superbowl 43 in Tampa? Personally, I do not think it will happen. I believe we will see, as we do almost every year, the Patriots vs, the Colts in the AFC championship game. I however, believe that this one will go to the Colts. This will be the Colts year and once they have won the Superbowl, Tony Dungy will finally retire. So as my title states REDEMPTION FOR PATS?, in a way yes but in a way no. Once again they will have the NFL on its heels wondering how and if this team is mortal, wondering if Tom Brady will ever fade, wondering what will happen when the Pats start to lose and if Moss throws his infamous temper tantrums. Yet, through all that suspense they will once again fall just short in their campaign for another Superbowl championship.