The Biggest Blockbuster of The Summer: SummerSlam 2008 Predictions

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The Biggest Blockbuster of The Summer: SummerSlam 2008 Predictions

In August, wrestling fans know they can look forward to one thing: the 21st annual extravaganza, SummerSlam.

This year's SummerSlam has a pretty stacked card, and here are my predictions.

While it's rather unlikely to predict the exact order in which the matches will take place, it's safe to assume that the most likely opener is Mark Henry versus Matt Hardy for the ECW championship.  Surprisingly, the world's strongest champion has been giving us a reason to watch ECW week after week ever since winning the title from Kane.  With the addition of Tony Atlas the program the two have been working with Matt Hardy has made for great TV.  I've always hated Mark Henry but surprisingly I hope he retains the title.  I think that he will because Matt Hardy does not need a title in order to be over.  Mark Henry, on the other hand, does.  It's near impossible to care about Mark Henry, unless he has a title around his waist.  It's also way too soon for him to drop the belt.  My pick: Mark Henry.

I think that the winner take all tag team match for the Intercontinental and Women's titles will take place next.  This is another angle that has been truly entertaining.  I expect Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella to walk away with the win because Kofi Kingston and Mickey James have both held their respective titles for long enough and the power couple of Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella will make for more great television.  Santino is also far more entertaining than Kofi given the fact that Kofi has yet to even cut a single promo.  My pick: Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella.

The next match will most likely be the World Heavyweight Championship match between CM Punk and John Bradshaw Layfield.  Even though Punk is the World Heavyweight Champion I don't think that they will elevate him to main event status on a major pay per view when there are so many other options for main events.  I do not think it would be a wise decision to give the belt to John Bradshaw Layfield at this moment because they are still in the process of building up Punk as a champion and they need to give it more time.  I also honestly really do not want to see JBL is the champion right now.  My pick: CM Punk

the next match will most likely be Montell Vontavious Porter versus Jeff Hardy.  When I first looked at this card I thought this was a United States title match but I realized that MVP dropped the title to Shelton Benjamin on Smackdown some time ago.  I don't understand how the two on the card here can have a match yet the champion is left off of the card.  Shelton Benjamin is a great asset and should be included on the pay per view, especially considering that he is the United States Champion.  Assuming that no further developments occur on smack down tonight, I pick Jeff Hardy to win this match.

The somewhere in this card we will have a Shawn Michaels announcement.  Despite a lot of people on the Internet claiming that Shawn Michaels and Jericho feud is the hottest thing on Raw right now, I couldn't care less, because frankly I am sick of the Heartbreak Kid.  Many will probably be expecting Shawn Michaels to announce retirement but I get the feeling we're in for a swerve and he instead will be announcing that he will be challenging Jericho to some sort of dangerous match an upcoming pay per view.  Hopefully this turns into a feud with CM Punk for the world title because I think both Punk and Jericho should be in the title running they are believable sizes as opponents that would not make Punk look it's look like such an underdog.  A week or two ago on Raw, Jericho demanded a title shot against CM Punk so it one might expect that they are planning to go back to that.  If Shawn Michaels does decide to “retire,” I will honestly be happy because I will not see him on my TV for a least a few months.

WWE Champion Triple H will be taking on The Great Khali for the title.  There's no real reason for Khali to win the title here because I don't feel this is a major angle.  Khali is just another big man wrestler being fed to Triple H to make him appear to be superhuman, similar to how John Tenta was fed to Hulk Hogan and Umaga or Khali himself were each fed to John Cena.  Hopefully Triple H can carry Khali to a decent match but it's not likely.  My pick: Triple H.

The match will take place right before the main event is John Cena versus Batista.  Even though this is not a match for a world title it's being pushed as a major high profile main event match.  I'm not a big fan of this idea because I think this should have been saved for WrestleMania, and for a world title.  However, both Cena and Batista are so extremely over, that they don't need to be holding titles to be a draw.  As much as I hate to admit it, I think this will be an excellent match, even though the angle leading up to this has been rather disappointing.  I do not think fit WWE we will risk damaging the overness of either star so expect a double disqualification, a count out, or a time limit end.  My pick: no winner, and Batista turns heel


The main event will be Edge versus Undertaker in a Hell in a cell match.  This is another match that doesn't require a title to draw.  In fact, the gimmick of Hell in a Cell alone will be enough to make this an exciting match.  This is the big blowoff match for the Edge and Undertaker feud and will steal the show, as expected.  Since Edge won the tables, ladders, and chairs match at One Night Stand 2008, it's expected that it's the Undertaker's turn to steal the show, win the match, and finally end this great feud.  My pick: The Undertaker.

In conclusion, SummerSlam 2008 has a pretty stacked card and will most likely be an excellent show.


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