WWE Superstar Floundering: Edge Needs to Go Face and Return to SmackDown!

Renee GerberCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2010

Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com
Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com

Anyone who knows me around the Internet knows that I am a huge fan of Adam "Edge" Copeland. In fact, I even own a fansite dedicated to him that will be celebrating its ninth birthday in December.

That being said, as such a diehard fan of this amazingly talented man, I feel a pretty keen sense of chagrin while watching him on WWE's "flagship" show, RAW, as of late.

Back during the draft show on the red brand back in April, I smiled to myself, enjoying the backstage segment between my favorite WWE superstar and then-World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger. It seemed that Edge was gunning for the All-American American and would be considered a contender for the title again at some point.

At the same time, however, in the back of my mind, there was a small voice shouting that he might actually get drafted. This proved to be the case, as, not much later, Edge was announced as being drafted from SmackDown! to RAW, and my heart dropped.

The WWE really dropped the ball on the babyface run Edge had since returning from his Achilles tendon injury. As far as I'm concerned, it was unfair and didn't make much sense.

The fans were obviously behind the Rated R Superstar's new persona. In spite of the fact that he has always been an amazing heel, it was refreshing to see the man in a hero capacity again for the first time in six years.

He couldn't have been a failure in this role, because he was receiving plenty of pops from the live crowds, and the fans continuously chanted "Spear! Spear! Spear!" I found his feud with Chris Jericho, and the premise behind it, incredibly entertaining, and it was a shame that it was cut short.

It seems that WWE pulled the rug out from under everyone in having Edge go back to being a heel after a mere three months as a face. What was their reasoning behind the swerve, though?

That is one thing I have never been able to figure out in the past five months. A lot of people around the 'net seem to think that the feud with Jericho was never anything really spectacular and that that is the reason behind it. Yet, aren't these things always a matter of opinion? Besides, the live crowds certainly didn't seem to feel that way.

As a heel back on RAW, Edge has only had one semi-interesting feud, that being with Randy Orton. Unfortunately, that was relatively short-lived, and he really hasn't been doing much of anything as of late. He's been out of the title picture sans the six-pack match for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions, but, as the second man eliminated, he was obviously never going to be considered as a possible winner.

For the longest time now, he has been facing off against wrestlers such as the Great Khali, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, and Daniel Bryan. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those guys (okay, Khali cannot wrestle), but it's just so random that they would be opponents for someone the caliber of Edge. Yes, he had a match against John Cena on RAW this week, but it was most likely only to further the current angle in which he is stuck.

That brings me to my next point. Edge isn't even feuding with any particular wrestler. No, instead, we have been witnessing him getting chastised and browbeaten by the anonymous General Manager via that ridiculous laptop week in and week out.

I mean, come on! Is this honestly all Creative has in mind for this man right now?! Sure, it was fun and entertaining to watch him finally snap and smash the laptop to smithereens this week, but is that it? Or is this just leading up to the GM finally revealing him- or herself?

In the long run, it really doesn't matter—at least not where the Ultimate Opportunist is concerned. I would like to see Edge revisit his most recent babyface personality and make the move back to SmackDown!

As far as I'm concerned, he never should have moved from there in the first place. He is too great a talent and far too valuable to be floundering on a show that already has way too many main eventers. A return to SmackDown! would be mutually beneficial for the show, and, perhaps more importantly, for Edge.